2015 FINA World Championships - Interviews after the United States won by 11:9 against Italy in Kazan

USA took second spot in the group, coming from 1-3 down to going three ahead in the third period and onwards to victory. For the last match of the day, it was another wonderful match. Italy look set for a great match with a 3-1 start, thanks to two Alex Giorgetti scores, one on extra and the other a penalty goal. USA then had the better of the second half of the period, levelling the match through Josh Samuels 19 seconds from the break. Jackson Kimbell then gave USA the lead with a pass down the post line on extra. Pietro Figlioli received a gift pass close in from his centre forward to level. Nikola Vavic and Alex Obert took the USA to 7-5 and Italian centre forward Matteo Aicardi pulled one back, giving USA a 7-6 halftime lead. The margin stretched to three through captain Tony Azevedo and Bret Bonanni, the highest goal-scorer at last year’s FINA World Cup in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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