2015 FINA World Championships - Interviews after China won by 9:8 against Hungary in Kazan

Just twenty days ago these two sides clashed in a friendly where the Hungarians, playing at home, were superiors in the entire game and won 11-5. Then they led 5-1 after eight minutes. This time only a missed penalty prevented the Chinese from gaining a 5-1 lead. But they staged a really strong opening period, with two quick man-up goals, a converted penalty and another one from a 6 on 5 put them well ahead (1-4). In the second they had another man-up for a 1-5 lead but couldn’t create any chance and that cost them a lot. The Hungarians started to find their rhythm both in defence and in attack and with three connecting action goals they levelled the score with 2:40 to go in the second. The closing minute before the middle break was eventful, the Chinese made good use of a Hungarian error in the back but the Hungarians equalised again from a penalty, called just before the buzzer went off.

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