Geoff Brown on The Morning Swim Show

Geoff Brown, the head coach of Nova of Virginia, talked about his team's performances in August, including Townley Haas' three taper meets. Brown also discussed his team's spirit level at the NCSA junior nationals in Haas' absence and what he's learned as a coach this year.
Sept. 20, 2012: Geoff Brown’s name is on the award for Developmental Coach of the Year from USA Swimming, but on today's edition of The Morning Swim Show, Brown wants his entire staff to be recognized for the work they do at NOVA of Virginia. Brown talks about his staff on the team and the logistics they have to overcome at their single facility for more than 800 swimmers. He also discusses the swimmers he took to Olympic Trials, and how he deals with his college swimmers when they return home for the summer. NOVA is in the epicenter of an area that features other top-level teams in the area, and Brown talks about how the other teams help NOVA step up their game.

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