David Marsh on The Morning Swim Show

David Marsh, the head coach of SwimMAC Carolina, visited the American Swim Coaches Association's world clinic to share his knowledge with his peers. But what does he learn at these clinics?
May 3, 2013: David Marsh’s swimmers at SwimMAC Carolina have been enjoying much success in the past 12 months, and on today's edition of The Morning Swim Show he talks about the work he, the rest of the coaching staff and the swimmers have been putting in to make it happen. Among the accolades SwimMAC has enjoyed includes Olympic medals, junior national titles and national age group records. Marsh highlights his work with the club team of 18-and-under swimmers, and how he has seen this year’s success coming for the past five or six years, especially in swimmers such as Kyle Darmody and Michael Chadwick. The elite team, including five Olympians, has been putting in the work in what Marsh says is the least-important year in the Olympic cycle, which is why he has been okay with those who went to the Olympics not being fully invested in training full time.
Dec. 21, 2012: On today's edition of The Morning Swim Show we bring you an interview with SwimMAC Carolina head coach David Marsh from the deck of the 2012 USA Swimming junior nationals. Though Marsh’s team is mostly known for its elite swimmers who have achieved international success, the team’s younger swimmers are giving SwimMAC Carolina plenty of stature, winning the USA Swimming Club Excellence title two years straight. Marsh talks about the junior swimmers on the team and their success in the past two years. As a former collegiate swim coach, Marsh talks about the guidance he gives his swimmers on making college choices. Special thanks to Swimming World correspondent Brittany Nauta for the interview!

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