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Winter Training: Why Is It So Intense?

By Taylor Byers, Swimming World College Intern. Winter training is a famous one or two weeks during the swim season that every swimmer either dreads or looks forward to. One

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Dive into These 4 Holiday Swim Sets!

By Lianne McCluskey, Swimming World College Intern. Holiday themed swim practices are a great way to develop more positive energy at practice. Between mid-season championships and school exams, it’s important

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Rolling the Dice with Supplements

By Emily Thirion, Swimming World College Intern. Every swimmer is constantly seeking to gain an edge over their competitor. You wake up every morning and grind in the pool, crush

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A Quick Overview of FINA and The ISL

By Mark McCluskey, Swimming World Intern. With the FINA Short Course Swimming World Championships occurring right now, there has been a lot of buzz about the growing rivalry between FINA

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Fueling Plant-Based Performance

By Xonzy Gaddis, Swimming World College Intern. When it comes to having a plant-based diet as an aquatic athlete, mealtime is not as easy as dumping just any food on