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Natalie Coughlin has a renewed focus in the pool in the months leading up to the Olympic Games, and she talks about where that comes from. She also explains how she planned the past few months in terms of competitions, and what her racing schedule could look like at the Olympic Trials.
Natalie Coughlin's training for world championships and the 2012 Olympics divides pool time and dryland time almost exactly in half, and she talks about what she does in the pool to get ready to race. She also talks about her potential Olympic program and her favorite pre-race meal.
Natalie Coughlin joins the show to relive the experience of her first major competition since the Olympics, what she's done in training during her time away to get to this point and what still needs to be fixed if she wants to go faster at Pan Pacs.
March 10, 2010: Just a few days after her long-awaited return to the pool, Natalie Coughlin analyzes her swims and what events she would like to race leading up to the Olympics in 2012. She also looks back on her "Dancing With the Stars" experience and who could win this season's title.
Oct. 16, 2009: Natalie Coughlin is back on The Morning Swim Show to talk about dancing the rumba earlier this week on "Dancing With the Stars" and why she's excited to show off the paso doble on next week's show. She also talks about how living in the same apartment complex as Jessica Hardy, Dominik Meichtry and Rebecca Soni have helped her miss home a little bit less.
Oct. 9, 2009: The Olympic champion talks about dancing the rumba in front of her longtime swimming coach, Teri McKeever, why she's glad she's dancing the bolero in next week's episode of "Dancing With the Stars" and how she and partner Alec Mazo are staying injury-free each week.

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