2/3/04 Proper Getaway: The Drop Push
Drop pushing off the wall every time you start a repeat in workouts will help you improve several skills: improving your body position during open (butterfly & breaststroke) turns and attaining a consistent depth every time you push off a wall. Not only is the drop push good for developing good habits, it is much more efficient (both easier and quicker) than jumping off the bottom of the pool, or treading water with your hands trying to balance your feet on the wall.

Set up:
Set yourself up with one hand on the wall and the other extended toward the opposite end of the pool with the palm facing up. Focus your eyes on the hand that’s on the wall, with your chin almost touching your shoulder. Plant the balls of your feet (not your heels) on the wall with your feet pointed parallel with the bottom of the pool.
Bring your head back, look toward the sky and allow your body to drop down until your torso is aligned with your lower body (parallel with the bottom of the pool). Your hands should be together and overhead, with your elbows bent slightly.
As you push off, your elbows should straighten, tightening your streamline so that as your toes leave the wall you are in a tight streamline and on your side (perpendicular with the bottom of the pool).
Now rotate either onto your front (freestyle, butterfly or breaststroke) or onto your back (backstroke).