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5/03/04 Backstroke Downsweep

Use Your Final Downsweep to Help Your Backstroke

Use your second downsweep, which occurs from the point at which your hand is at its highest point (as your hand passes your navel) through when your arm sweeps downward, finishing below the thigh. Rotate your hand quickly, palm down. Then initiate a quick snap down at the end of the sweep. This snap will also help you to finish your rotation to your other side with the final downward press. At the same moment that you complete the second downsweep, the recovering hand enters the water, preparing to start the next stroke.

Using this second downsweep properly can do two positive things for your stroke: First, the sweep will give your hips a final boost to help finish a full rotation. Second, this extra rotation will help your pulling arm get a deeper catch as you begin your stroke.