Team Partnership Program Update and Website Link Information
Special Price of $26.95!

Swimming World Magazine is offering each swim family on your team the opportunity to receive Swimming World Magazine at a special price of $26.95. Your team will also be eligible for many other benefits including goodie bag opportunities, editorial support and a 5% fundraising commission on all purchases made in the SwimShop. To be eligible for the special price of $26.95, you must subscribe through the special hyperlink to provided on your club’s website.

Each subscription includes FREE Premium access to You will have the ability to access on-line technique tips and download over four decades of Swimming World Magazine, almost a quarter of a century of Swimming Technique Magazine, SwimShop discounts and much more!

Each issue features content within four sections called Swimming World, Swimming Technique, SWIM and Junior Swimmer. Information you will not want to miss includes; Coaching & Personalities, Technique Tips, High School and YMCA coverage, Worldwide Swimming Coverage, Coach Interviews, How They Train, Technique and Training Drills, Race Strategies, Health Waves, Masters Stories, Self-Coached Swimmer, N.A.G. Record Setters, Swimmers of the Month and Results.

By filling out the registration form below and becoming part of this program, your team will receive a drop shipment of Swimming World Magazines for all the families on your team to sample. The magazine will have an onset introducing the program to your families and informing them how they can take advantage of the special $26.95 team offer.

This offer applies to those swim clubs in the United States only.
  Team Partnership Program Registration Update
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