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How Many Clubs Are Active? World Swim Status Report Tracking Numbers

An effort to map the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns on swimming around the world is underway via the World Swim Status Report. The effort, launched by, asks swim clubs at various levels of the sport to report how affected they have been by the pandemic restrictions via a two-minute o...

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Swimming Canada Releases ‘Return to Swimming’ Resource Guide

Swimming Canada Friday unveiled a Return to Swimming Resource Document, a 22-page guide to getting swimmers back in the water and restarting competition. The objective is to get Canadian aquatic athletes back in the water safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. It sets out a step-wise return according ...

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More States Reopen Pools, but Confusion, Hesitance Still Linger

In many states, the question of how and when to reopen swimming pools is becoming clearer. But the issue remains up in the air elsewhere, especially on the coasts. One enduring point of contention as swimming stakeholders have pushed for pool reopening is the issue of how to classify pools. That was...

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Greensboro Aquatic Center Sets June 1 for Limited Reopening

Greensboro Aquatic Center will reopen on a limited bases next Monday, June 1, bringing back online one of the nation’s biggest aquatic facilities. The opening will be under conditions, with training limited to small groups and walk-ins not allowed at the four-pool complex. The opening will proceed a...

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Olympic Swimmers Call on Trump to Assist in Opening of Pools

A Who's Who of Olympic athletes, coaches and others at the helm of the aquatic sports sector sent a letter Tuesday to President Donald Trump urging him to help get pools reopened across the U.S. as a matter of public health and safety. The letter, which is below, is signed by 36 Olympic swimmers and...

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How One American Club Safely Returned to the Pool

Commentary: How One American Club Safely Returned to the Pool Today was a memorable day.  A giant reset button for swimmers at the Phoenix Swim Club in Arizona, USA and perhaps a model for those around the world.  The club conducted swim practices after getting permission from government and school ...