It’s Fun to Swim at the YMCA

By Olivia Wile, Swimming World Intern. Though the Village People were probably not referring to competitive swimming when they wrote the song “Y.M.C.A.” back in the 1970’s, they weren’t quite

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What Makes the Perfect Swimmer’s Body?

By J.P. Mortenson, Swimming World College Intern. Although swimmers with a wide variety of body types have found success in the sport, most at the international level tend to look

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Top Sports Psychology Questions Answered

By Maggie Lasto, Swimming World College Intern. Have you ever experienced the pre-race jitters or the meet-day butterflies that make your stomach feel uneasy? What about the, “I just want


Should College Athletes be Paid?

By Isabelle Robuck, Swimming World College Intern. As fall sports season is in full swing, it’s inevitable that one of the most popular debates is soon to arise again –

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Always Time For Mental Health Awareness

By Jamie Kolar, Swimming World College Intern. October celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week, however, we should always make time to talk about it. Mental health is crucial to your overall