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How to Come Back from an Injury

By Kate Santilena, Swimming World College Intern. You’re rolling through the daily routine, putting hours in the pool, working day in and day out alongside your team with the only

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Winter Training Survival Guide 101

By Olivia McKelvey, Swimming World College Intern.  ‘Tis the season for those on campus to return to their homes for three or more weeks – except for swimmers. The time

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Rolling the Dice with Supplements

By Emily Thirion, Swimming World College Intern. Every swimmer is constantly seeking to gain an edge over their competitor. You wake up every morning and grind in the pool, crush

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A Quick Overview of FINA and The ISL

By Mark McCluskey, Swimming World Intern. With the FINA Short Course Swimming World Championships occurring right now, there has been a lot of buzz about the growing rivalry between FINA

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Would You Rather? – Swimming Edition

By Maggie Lasto, Swimming World College Intern.  There is no better way to learn about someone than asking them difficult questions. While playing the age-old game of “Would you Rather?”,

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7 Things Every Swimmer Needs to Hear

By Isabelle Robuck, Swimming World College Intern. The act of being vulnerable is different for everyone. Generally, vulnerability means being unforgivably yourself and expressing emotion without fault. As aquatic athletes,