Jesse Marsh - (Author)


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How Individuals Find Training Approaches That Work for Them

I started swimming on my first club swim team at the prime age of five years old. From that age until my senior year of high school, I swam for three different club teams, as well as a summer swim team and my high school team. While I adored every coach I had and believe they did their best to ...

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The Importance of Mental Health for Swimmers

The Importance of Mental Health for Swimmers As with all sports, there is a mental barrier that can come down around a swimmer that can prevent him or her from reaching a certain time, competing at a higher level, or staying active in the pool. Often, kids who start swimming at a young age will get ...

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Learning About Swimming from Other Sports

Often when I have asked a coach or teammate about the similarities between swimming and other sports, I have been told how different swimming is, and although I acknowledge that this is true, I also believe that we, as athletes, share some commonalities across all sports, and we can learn from each ...