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A Tribute to My Friend Jake Miller, A Fallen Hero

By Brianna Hines, Swimming World College Intern Devastating News On January 2, 2015 at 5:20 p.m. I received a phone call from a close friend and former teammate. I was in Fort Lauderdale, enjoying my first ever college training trip, and while the air was 80 degrees and humid, the sound of choked te...

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Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club Instills Proper Training Habits Early

By Brianna Hines, Swimming World College Intern Training Habits  I remember swimming in a club practice and noticing swimmer after swimmer taking two lazy strokes after the flag, casually standing up and then walking to the wall. I was absolutely appalled. “How can you possibly know what your time i...

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3 Tips for Productive Training While Traveling, with Jessica Hardy

By Brianna Hines, Swimming World College Intern Although summer has a reputation for being a blissful vacation season, swimmers know that the three months excluded from classes means more hours to be spent in the water. With more time, opportunities for good training and technical focus are as easil...

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Groundbreaking Nose Clip Training with the Wisconsin Badgers

By Brianna Hines, Swimming World College Intern Introducing Nose Clips “All races are underwater,” said Whitney Hite, head coach of the University of Wisconsin-Madison swim team. Underwaters are no longer just for sprinters and backstrokers. Each stroke and distance benefits from strong underwater b...