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“It’s Just Swimming…”

“It’s Just Swimming…” Eighteen-year-old Katie McLaughlin shows that her laid-back approach to the sport she loves can breed some serious speed! McLaughlin proved to be a valuable member of Team

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Stuck! How Coaches Navigate Age Group Plateaus

Stuck! Older swimmers, seniors through Masters, address stagnant performance on a routine basis. But what about younger athletes? Swimming World asked some veteran coaches how they help 12-and-unders navigate the

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No Worries!

No Worries! Despite opinions to the contrary, Frank Busch, the national team director of USA Swimming, is confident that the Americans should continue their history of success at next year’s


Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity The articles of the previous two months (July and August) addressed the technique misconceptions of hull length and hull speed. Examination of these boat-design concepts indicates that they are not applicable to human

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ASCA Educates The World

ASCA Educates The World While information zings around the world at a click of a computer mouse, learning practical methodology in coaching swimming requires a personal touch. Twenty-two times this

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Learn How To Swim

Learn How To Swim Drowning is the number one cause for death in children under five, which has led people worldwide to acknowledge a growing need for swim schools. Swimming World