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Moms At Meets

Moms At Meets Sponsored By: TRI SWIM PHOENIX-Swimming World Magazine presents a quarterly series that showcases Moms and Dads of swimmers from around the country. This month is Joanie Beisel,


Teaching Dolphin Kick

Teaching Dolphin Kick PHOENIX-Dolphin kick appears in all four strokes—including starts and turns. The following program can help swimmers of any aptitude learn to execute effectively what may be the

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How They Train Jenny Hill

  How They Train Jenny Hill PHOENIX-For Jenny Hill—high school valedictorian, talented violinist and member of the University of Chicago orchestra—the academics and swimming just keep getting better. The senior

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Q & A With Coach Jason Weber

  Q & A with Coach Jason Weber PHOENIX-Coach Jason Weber: Head Coach, Women’s and Men’s Swimming University of Chicago. During Coach Weber’s tenure as head coach at the University

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Lessons With The Legends: Nort Thornton

  Lessons With The Legends: Nort Thornton Sponsored By Dolfin Swimwear PHOENIX-In the 33 years that Nort Thornton coached the Cal-Berkeley men’s team, he compiled a dual meet record of

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What Is A “Master”?

  What IS A “Master”? PHOENIX-Masters swimmers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are ultra-competitive; others are in it just to stay fit and possibly live longer. Swimming World