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Three Balance Drills to up Your Game

By Sarah Noll, Swimming World Magazine College Intern.  The drills discussed in this article are based on the hard work and dedication of Terry Laughlin Founder of Total Immersion It's your first day ...

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Ice Baths: Is the Pain Necessary?

By Mark McCluskey, Swimming World College Intern Championship season is the most physically demanding part of the season. Full weekends of back-to-back races and working on maintaining a taper can tak...

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What Happens To Your Body During Taper?

By J.P. Mortenson, Swimming World College Intern. Taper is the time leading up to a big competition where swimmers decrease their training volume while increasing their rest in order to prepare their ...

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4 TED Talks Every Swimmer Should Watch

By Courtney Mykkanen, Swimming World College Intern. Whether you're looking for some motivation to be a better swimmer, or ways to become a better version of yourself, or just want a new perspective o...

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The Final Step of a Season: Reflection

By Taylor Byers, Swimming World College Intern. The championship meet season is in full effect. The end is almost here, and for some, it is here. Even when you touch the wall for the final time, the s...

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The Power of the Mind Through Visualization

By Taylor Byers, Swimming World College Intern. You are behind the blocks, staring down the end of your lane. The warm, chlorine air is strong. Coaches, teammates and parents are cheering and whistlin...