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Just Keep Swimming: 5 Ways to Overcome a Plateau

By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World College Intern (Archive) Maybe you have had a rough season. Maybe you missed that cut time you were hoping for all year by .10 of a second. Maybe you didn’t improve a much as you had hoped. Maybe you got injured or sick and were unable to swim. Maybe, just maybe, you...

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Diving Dogs: A New Twist on Fetch

By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World College Intern. There’s skydiving, platform diving, cliff diving, and there's ...dog diving? Sure enough, Diving Dogs - also sometimes referred to as dock jumping - is a nationally recognized sport. According to North America Diving Dogs description, the event goes s...

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Taking the Leap with Red Bull Cliff Diving: Extreme Sports Edition

By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World Intern.  Few sports perfectly integrate both mind and body in quite the way that cliff diving does. This sport, which happens to be the oldest extreme sport in the world, is not for the faint of heart. Dives from up to 90 feet high with multiple twists and somersault...

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Up on Deck: Inside the World of Swim Officials

By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World College Intern. Officials. They are the dedicated men and women present at the end of the lane during during every one of your meets. Whether it be a local pool’s summer league competition on a Wednesday night or the biggest stage in swimming - the Olympic Games - of...

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Strength Training: The Uniting Factor between Pool and Field

By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World Intern.                                                     When you think swimming... What do you think? At first glance, swimming can seem as if it is a sport like no other. How many athletes stare at a black line for countless hours per week with their heads under...