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Flower Power: Find Out How Flower Essences Can Help Athletes

Flowers are more than just pretty! When the flower is diluted, the extracts can promote emotional and psychological well-being. It is believed that the energetic properties of the flowers can positively impact a person’s mood, emotions and overall health. Flower essences may help athletes by promoti...

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A Super Bowl Food Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On the Big-Game Snacks

A Super Bowl Food Quiz: A Look At the Nutrition In the Big-Game Snacks The Super Bowl is a fun time to gather, whether you enjoy American football or not. When people come together, it usually means a lot of food! If you like trivia, this is a fun food quiz to test your knowledge. Go ahead and make ...

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The Starting Line: Nutrition vs. Sports Nutrition

The Starting Line: Nutrition vs. Sports Nutrition By Dawn Weatherwax, RD,LD,ATC,CSCS Nutrition vs. Sports Nutrition All of the probing and poking around in the realms of nutrition and physiology has resulted in a science that combines the best knowledge from both arenas. Good nutrition is essential ...