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Terence Ma, Former VP of USA Water Polo, Reflects on Leadership

In unraveling how USA Water Polo’s current leadership—including Board Chair Michael Graff and CEO Christopher Ramsey—have dominated U.S. polo for the past 15 years, the thread leads to Terence Ma. Second in command to former USAWP President Rich Foster, Ma was bounced out of the organization in 2007...

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Harry Hauck: Polo Pirate of the Caribbean

Editor’s Note: erroneous reports out of Puerto Rico said that Harry Hauck, considered by most to be the grandfather of water polo on the island, had passed away after a lengthy illness. Swimming World inadvertently published an obituary to this effect. In fact, Coach Hauck is alive and—even though h...

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Change is in the Air at 2021 USA Water Polo General Assembly

Restrictions on travel and public gathering due to the novel coronavirus forced the 2021 USA Water Polo General Assembly—typically a lively gathering of polo movers and shakers from all over America—to be held virtually last Saturday. Streamed on YouTube, with a live Zoom question and answer session...

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Bill Smith Elected as New Board Chair for USA Water Polo

At the 2021 USA Water Polo General Assembly, William Smith, a long-time supporter of American polo, was unanimously elected as chairman of the USAWP board. Smith takes over from outgoing chairman Michael Graff, who after 15 years leading the U.S. national governing body for polo will term out of boa...

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A Moment of Truth at the USA Water Polo General Assembly?

Events later today at the USA Water Polo General Assembly may shed light on divisive sexual abuse accusations that have roiled America’s national governing body for the sport. The organization’s biennial exercise in democracy, it is the first public event since Christopher Ramsey, USAWP’s Chief Exec...

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SPECIAL REPORT: When Water Polo Play Becomes Sexual Abuse

“This is the sort of thing that has the potential to wreck lives,” said Therese Langan, an authority on the treatment of sexually abused teens. Langan was referring to the downstream effects of sexual assault on the young players under the tutelage of Bahram Hojreh, a one-time age group water polo c...