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Be Sure! 7 Things to Consider Before Quitting Swimming

7 Things to Consider Before Quitting Swimming By Niki Urquidi Many swimmers consider quitting at one time or another due to the intense demands of the sport. Waking up at 5 a.m. to be pushed to the limits day in and day out takes a toll on anyone's psyche. Yet most swimmers only make empty threats r...

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3 Ways to Combat Chlorine Sensitivity

Chlorine sensitivity and allergies are more common in competitive swimmers than you would think, as chlorine itself is a natural irritant. Because swimming is one of the most difficult forms of exercise, having an added discomfort can become increasingly frustrating for adolescent and adult swimmers...

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Sherridon Dressel on Swimming with Siblings

By Niki Urquidi, Swimming World College Intern. Sherridon Dressel, a key member of the University of Florida women's swim team, understands more than most the struggles and pay-offs of swimming alongside a sibling or two. Starting when she was just six years old, Dressel has always "had siblings on ...

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Weird Equipment and How it Works

By Niki Urquidi, Swimming World College Intern As the swimming world evolves, so does the training and racing equipment. While most - if not all - swimmers are familiar with the common fins, pull buoy and paddle routine, here is a list of a few pieces of equipment that may not be as commonly known b...

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Breaking Down Proper Freestyle Body Position

By Niki Urquidi, Swimming World College Intern. If you have ever swum for Coach Jeff Poppell, current associate head coach of the Florida Gators, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “for every one inch you lift your head, your hips sink three inches." Like most renowned coaches, Poppell understands th...