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'Open' Water; A Future of Polluted Swimming

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern A slightly horrifying headline from the run-up to this past summer’s Olympic Games read “Rio 2016: Swimmers need to ingest only three teaspoons of water to be almost certain of contracting a virus”. The Independent reported on a 16-month-long study that ...

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Interview With Michael Phelps' Beard

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern Michael Phelps is the best male swimmer that the world has ever seen. And, if you ignore the fact that human beings evolved over millions of years so that they wouldn’t have to spend their time in the water, Phelps’ accomplishments are pretty impressive....

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Swimming's Place in Sports Activism

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern Perhaps it’s fitting that 2016 has seen a renaissance of social activism in sports. On June third of this year Muhammad Ali passed away after a decades long struggle with Parkinson’s syndrome. He was a fighter in every sense of the word, a champion for t...

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Meditation on Trash Talk

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern Trash talk: you either love it or you love to hate it. No matter your opinion on it, big-mouthed banter reigns as the second most competitive element of organized sports, only behind the athletic contest itself. Proudly and unsurprisingly, the fans are t...

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Q&A with Lara Stolman on Award-Winning Documentary "SWIM TEAM"

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern.  Lara Stolman directs and produces the new documentary "Swim Team" that is making the rounds in film festivals across the country. "Swim Team" follows Kelvin, Robbie and Mike Jr. (or Mikey) of the Jersey Hammerheads, a swim team where every member falls...

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What a Swimmer Thinks of Student-Athlete Pay

By Colin Hogan, Swimming World College Intern Unlike some of my peers in college athletics, I know the exact dollar value of my time as a varsity athlete. It is zero dollars and zero cents. But, also unlike some of my peers, that amount is not dictated by the NCAA. Even if the NCAA’s concept of amat...