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What Does Your Favorite Swim Lane Say About You?

By Claire Russell, a Swimming World Intern. Most swimmers know that rush of energy that exhilarates you upon hearing the words: “Heat sheets are out!” You have the urgent pounding need to know exactly which lane you’re in. This thrill of rushing over to the heat sheet to see which heat and lane you’...

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Why Your Team Is Your Sorority: Pledge Swimma Cappa Goggle

By Claire Russell, A Swimming World College Intern. As an athlete, we have all had to make sacrifices. We have missed a high school dance for a swim meet and watched our friends eat pizza during taper. And yet we all somehow kept choosing the athlete lifestyle, and it all definitely seemed worth it....

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Olympic Refugee Team Grows its Legacy with Eyes Locked on Toyko 2020

By Claire Russell, Swimming World College Intern. Every four years, nations unite for the celebration of sports and achievements at the Olympic Games. It is the one magical time when each country seems to put aside differences and march together as one. We shake hands. We have one common goal. Despi...

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2019 Speedo Sectionals Minneapolis Day 1: McHugh Brothers Go 1-2

Day 1 of the 2019 Speedo Sectionals Minneapolis brewed up a competitive storm. The meet will take place at the University of Minnesota's Jean K. Freeman Aquatics Center on July 18th-21st. There was a dash of brotherly love, a spice of age-experience, and a whole batch of fast swims from Wisconsin Aq...

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Illinois vs. Indiana Duel In The Pool Meet Recap

By Claire Russell, a Swimming World College Intern. Two of the most competitive LSCs joined forces recently to host the first ever “Duel in the Pool”: a meet that brings together the top age group swimmers from two rival states to compete. The athletes can represent their home states rather than the...