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The Swimming Zone

The Swimming Zone. By Wayne Goldsmith You’re traveling through another swimming dimension—a dimension not only of muscles and tendons, but of mind...a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are...

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Swimming Technique vs Swimming Style

Swimming Technique vs Swimming Style By Wayne Goldsmith Imagine you’ve never seen anyone swim before. You’ve gone to the beach and you've seen dolphins play in the waves. You’ve visited an aquarium an...

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Coaching Philosophy: Why You Do What You Do

By Wayne Goldsmith Coaching Philosophy is at the very heart of everything a coach thinks, says and does. It's their core coaching framework - the set of values, behaviours and standards that a coach b...

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Kicking Practice: It's Time to Let Go.

By Wayne Goldsmith Kicking Practice: It's Time to Let Go. Every competitive swimmer, triathlete, Masters swimmer and fitness swimmer does some kind of kick set in their practices. There's sprint kic...

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Swimming Mind

By Wayne Goldsmith. It is now the era of Swimming Mind. The past 100 years have been largely been the era of the swimming body - with coaches, swimmers, sports scientists and researchers all strongly ...

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