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Workoutfor hardcore breastroker
Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Course:LC Meters
Duration:120 Minutes
Authoralexander marinov
Submitted By:alexander marinov
Club:uic swimming
Club/Author Info: swimmer at uic university
Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 1000 easy swim change strokes except fly include drills, some kick totally otptional warm up must be done in 16 minutes
Pre-Set 16*50 i.m. descend every four 55 seconds
Kick Set 16*50 kick intensity 80%
2-4-6-8-breast twice through
1 minute
Main Set 5*200 breast every 75 change intensity last 50 faster by 3 seconds from the first
85% en3 , big emphasis in the synchronization when change the intensity
Pull Set 20#50 pull small puddles , even fresstyle ,odd breastroke 55 seconds 75%intensity
Main Set speed set for breastroke 4*25 all out all breastrke plus 50 all out with dive twice through this set 25 are every 45 seconds 50 i with 100 warm down after
Warm-Down 1000 warm doun with fins , change strokes include drills , no fly

Total = 5700 LC Meters

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