Workout Knowledege Database Help/Glossary

Thank you for using the Swimming World Workout Knowledege Database. We have provided the Workout Knowledege Database for swimming coaches and swimming enthusiasts to post, browse, and share workout information with one another. Swimming World is not liable for any information placed within this database.

Within this document you will find help for searching for a workout and for adding a workout.


Searching for a Workout
Ability Levels
Workout Type
Workout Duration
Adding Your Workout
The "Add Your Workout" page
The "Preview" page


You may search the Workout Knowledege Database using any combination of the following search criteria: Ability Level, Workout Type, Workout Duration, and any select keywords. For broader searches you may simply select an Ability Level from the drop down list, then select "All Workout Types" and "All Durations" in the Workout Type and Workout Duration fields respectively. For more advanced (or narrower results,) select a Workout Type and/or Workout Duration from the drop down menus. To customize your search, you may use the keyword search to display only the workouts that meet your search criteria, and contain a keyword you type.

Once you have selected your search criteria, click on the "Search" button. The results page will display the summaries of each of the workouts that meet your search criteria. To view a workout, click on the workout subject (hyperlink); the workout you selected will then be displayed. To go back to the workout results page, click on the back button on your browser.

Ability Level

When searching, an Ability Level selection is required. The default selection is "Lap Swimmer." To change that selection, use your mouse to select one of the other ability levels from the drop down menu. Ability Levels are broken down into seven components as follows:

  • Lap Swimmer: The Lap Swimmer level is defined as a fitness level workout, not as much focus on hardcore training. The Lap Swimmer level should be geared toward the novice swimmers.
  • Masters Level 1: Masters level 1 is for swimmers who swim one mile in over 35 minutes.
  • Masters Level 2: Masters Level 2 swimmers can swim one mile under 35 minutes and over 25 minutes.
  • Masters Level 3: Masters Level 3 swimmers can swim one mile in 24 minutes or less.
  • USS ABC Level: The USS ABC Level is generally defined as a young age-grouper through pre-senior swimmer. The focus on ABC Level swimming is placed on learning proper swimming technique and strokes. This swimmer should be able to finish a 100 yard freestyle under 1:45, and 100 LC meters in under 1:55.
  • USS Pre-Senior: The USS Pre-Senior Level is a bridge between the USS Jr./Sr. National Level and the USS ABC Level. The USS Pre-Senior Swimmer should be able to finish a 100 yard free under 1:10 and 100 LC meter freestyle under 1:20. The USS Pre-Senior Level workout emphasis is on improving already known stroke techniques, general training for faster swimming and improving toward the next level.
  • USS Jr./Sr. National Level: The USS Jr./Sr. National Level workouts are geared toward swimmers who are approaching or already have USS Jr./Sr. National Times.

Workout Type

When searching, you may select a Workout Type from the drop down list. An ability level selection is not required but can be used to narrow down your search. There are nine different Workout Types as follows:
  • General: The workout contains all of the below or has no specific focus.
  • Sprint Freestyle: Sprint Type workouts contain mostly short swims at high intensity with more rest.
  • Middle Distance Free: Middle Distance Free workouts focus on swims that are 500 yards or less with short to moderate rest intervals.
  • Distance Free: Distance Free workouts focus on distances of 100 yards and over with volume on limited rest.
  • Butterfly: The workout emphasis is on butterfly training and technique.
  • Backstroke: The workout focus is on backstroke training and technique.
  • Breaststroke: The workout emphasis is on breaststroke training and technique.
  • Individual Medley: The workout emphasis is on Individual Medley training and technique.
  • Open Water: The workout emphasis is an open water workout.

Workout Duration

When searching, you may select a Workout Duration from the drop down list. The workout duration field should be used if you only want workouts that take a certain amount of time. For example, if you only want short workouts, you could select workouts that were less than 20 minutes long by selecting "20 Minutes" from the drop down list. The valid selections are: "20 Minutes," "30 Minutes," "45 Minutes," "60 Minutes," "90 Minutes," "120 Minutes," and "120+ Minutes."

Adding a Workout

To add a workout select "Add Your Workout" from the search screen. Within the "Add Your Workout" page, a form will be displayed. To add your workout, you must complete the form and then click on the "PREVIEW >>" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be shown a preview of how your workout will be displayed from the database. The preview allows you to go back and make any corrections to your workout, and make changes to the aesthetics of the page. When you are satisfied with your workout you may select the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the preview page. Your workout will then be submitted into the database and can be accessed at any time.

The "Add Your Workout" Page

The "Add Your Workout" page contains a form and must be completed to be entered into the database. Elements in the "Author Information" and "Workout Information" section are required. An error message will be displayed if a valid entry is not made. If you get an error message, click on the "OK" button and you will be taken back to the "Add Your Workout" page to make corrections.

Be sure to enter a descriptive subject in the "Subject" field. The subject field is the field that will help seperate your workout from other workouts. Be creative and enter a subject that is as descriptive of your workout or your intentions for the workout as possible. While attempting to be descriptive, please note that entries may not exceed 60 characters. Have fun with it :-)

At least one set is required for a workout to be entered into the database. You may have up to 10 different sets, and each set should be entered in numerical order from 1 through 10. If you have 5 sets, then use the fields for "Set 1" through "Set 5."

Each set is broken down into three components: a "Set Category," a "Set Description" and "Set Intervals." Make your selection for the "Set Category" from the drop down list. Then enter your set description into the "Set Description" text area and your set intervals into the "Set Intervals" text area. You may use carriage returns (enter key) to help format the set description and set intervals. [The carriage returns will guarantee a new line for each carriage return, if you do not use carriage returns, the browser will interpret your data appropriately. If you are not satisfied with the formatting of your workout without carriage returns when you preview your workout, you may click the "<< BACK" button on the bottom of the preview page and make your corrections.

The "Preview" Page

The "Preview" page gives you a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) preview of your workout. From this page, you can see the exact formatting of your workout. To make changes, you may click on the "<< BACK" button located at the bottom of the "Preview" page, and then make your appropriate changes on the "Add Your Workout" page. When you are satisfied with your workout, you may click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the "Preview" page to have your workout submitted to the database.