World Masters Championships – Day 3 Highlights

By Michael Collins

MUNICH, Germany – Day 3 began with beautiful clear skies and warm weather. Finally, people can start enjoying the outside grassy area. Three events were contested: 400 IM, 100 Breast, and the 200 Mixed Medley Relay.

400 IM – WOMEN
Chris Weigland of Germany, had the best time of the day (as she did in the 400 Free, winning the 25-29 division by over 12 seconds in 5:13.94.

The best American swim came from June Krauser, who split 28 seconds faster on the freestyle leg than the second place finisher, Silvia Neuhauser of Austria, in a come-from-behind win (7:58.56-8:09.90). The amazing part is that she swam in just the fourth heat, before 8am, after having swum the 400 Free in the LAST heat the night before at 10:30pm due to a seeding error. Not bad for five hours sleep.

Betsy Jordan of San Diego won the 60-64 division by a comfortable 11 seconds (7:16.30-7:27.56). Laureen Welting from Georgia Masters avenged her narrow defeat in the 400 Free by winning the 400 IM in the 35-39 division by 10 seconds (5:26.07-5:36.42), achieving the third fastest time of the day. Linda Visser of Orlando Masters fell just a bit short of making the podium as she finished fourth in 5:31.71, just .49 seconds out of third.

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400 IM – MEN
Three world records fell in the men's race. Nicolas Granger swam the fastest time of the day, winning the 30-34 age group in 4:39.92 to erase the previous world record time of 4:40.94 held by Sean Murphy of the USA since 1994. Earlier he set a WR in the 200 IM. Dariusz Wolny of Poland swam an impressive 4:49.62 to break the 40-44 record (4:53.03) set by Hess Yntema in 1995, to finish well ahead of two Americans, Mike Keck (5:05.00) and Andreas Seibt (5:12.95). Finally, American Jesse Coon became the first 90+ male to complete the distance with a time of 13:52.72 to set the third world record in the event.

Other strong American performances included Ray Taft, Anton Cerer, and Richard Smith finishing 1-2-3 in the 80-84 division (8:26.60 – 9:25.31 – 9:57.67). Leland Arth finished third in the 75-79 (7:37.91). Graham Johnson swam 6:28.13 to win his age group by 21 seconds. Tod Spieker got out to a very slow start in the fly leg, and despite out-splitting Jorge Urreta from Mexico in the remaining three strokes, came up short to finish second (5:23.86-5:27.78). Russell Fraizer, of St. Pete's, placed second in the 45-49 age group with a 5:30.82.

(Notes: Coach, reporter, swimmer, Michael Collins spent too much time in the hotel room typing results and arrived too late to swim his heat. The 400 IM's ended at 3pm – 8 hours!)

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Wow! The American women were nearly shut out of podium finishes in the women's 100 Breast. Those Euros know breaststroke! Diane Stowell and Dea Ann Joslin were the only Americans to break into the top three. Stowell placed second in the 65-69 (1:41.60), and Joslin was third in the 40-44 with a time of 1:20.57 – well behind the new world record time of Germany's Dagmar Hilbig, who broke her own record of 1:17.21, going 1:16.81.

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Olympian Nick Gillingham of Great Britain destroyed the field with a 1:05.54, to win overall and take the 30-34 gold, but came up just a bit short of his own world record of 1:05.02. Hiromu Yoshimoto of Japan set
a new world record in the 85-89 with a 1:57.98. Albert Kostitsyn set a new world record in the 55-59 age group (1:17.18) on his way to winning over a strong performance by USA's Ken Frost (1:19.33) of Tamalpais Masters.

Top placing Americans included Frank Starr,second 90-94 (3:56.75), Aldo da Rosa won the 80-84 by nearly 15 seconds (1:50.36)over Sverre Byrne of Norway(2:05.29). Barton Greenber cruised to third in the 75-59 division(1:39.75). Robert MacDonald was second in the 70-74 (1:38.14). Manuel Sanguily avenged his loss in the 200 with a 1:25.61, over Werner Muller (1:27.26). Bob
Strand took care of Gerhard Preiner from Germany again, taking the win in 1:14.33 to 1:16.29. Strand was also the youngest American to make the podium
(top 3).

The 100 Breaststrokes completed at 8:45pm (5 Hours, 45 minutes)

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Japan was the only team to set a new world record when they won the 240-279 combined age division at 2:21.12. Gold Coast Masters team of David McIntyre, Debbie Cavanaugh, Cav Cavanaugh, and June Krauser was third (2:28.84)in that catagory.

Only two other American teams made the top 3. In the 200-239 division Daland Swim School Masters team of Nancy Kirkpatrich-Reno, Julie Wynn-Hoffman,
Ernest Thurmond, and Bob Coale finished third in 2:15.75. St.Petersburg Masters team of Cathy Shonkwiler, Tim Kennedy, Bill Specht, and Charlotte
Petersen finished third in the 160-199 divsion (2:08.40)

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USA Team Photo - Impossible to everyone together at once - but having lots
of fun!

Olympian Nick Gillingham of Great Britain destroyed the field with a 1:05.54, to win overall and take the 30-34 gold,  but came up just a bit short of his own world record of 1:05.02.

Jeff Moxie from Daland Masters finishing the breast "Old Style"