Watch Michael Phelps Race Video of Blazing 200 IM

Photo Courtesy: Peter Bick

Michael Phelps almost outdid himself in the men’s 200-meter IM at the 2015 USA Swimming Long Course Nationals. After three lengths of the men’s 200-meter IM under World Record pace, Phelps clocked the fastest time in the globe with a 1:54.75. Although his time was just short of Ryan Lochte‘s 1:54.00 World Record, it was unquestionably fast enough to be the top time in the world this year.

Three days ago at the FINA World Championships in Kazan, Lochte swam a 1:55.81 to claim the world’s fastest time. It was short lived. Phelps busted out the first 50 meters in a lightning quick 24.65. From there, the crowd in San Antonio cheered Phelps on to a momentous and dominant win

Phelps: 24.65/28.49/33.34/28.27

This became Phelps’s third swim of the weekend to register first in the world, a truly remarkable accomplishment on his comeback trail.

Will Licon took second in 1:58.43, an impressive time for the Nitro swimmer. Travis Mahoneyclimbed to third in 1:59.41 to earn the bronze medal. Austin Surhoff wound up fourth with a 1:59.44. Eduardo Solaeche-Gomez earned fifth with a 1:59.81.

400 IM national champion Gunnar Bentz posted a 2:00.16 to get sixth, while Max Litchfield (2:00.93) and Ryan Harty (2:02.99) claimed the final two spots.


  1. Hans Ferguson

    Statement swim! Still the BEST in the WORLD!

  2. Golda Marcus

    Let your swimming do the talking Phelps! 🙂

  3. Kristie Wisniewski

    His real parents were fish. I am sure of it. Check his DNA it’s not human.

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    Yasser Hefny

  5. avatar

    Indoors @ Rio, Olympic gold on the line in the final race of his career (unless, of course, he decides to go to Tokyo like you know who!) AND w/you know who next to hi m lane 3 and Thiago Pereira (Lazslo Cseh? Daiya Seto? Kosuke Hagino?) over in lane 5, can you say 1:49.9?

  6. Mary Zabala

    A classic example of a true athlete. Never trash talking about others and keep it simple. Let the actions speak for themselves.

  7. Mary Zabala

    A classic example of a true athlete. Never trash talking about others and keep it simple. Let the actions speak for themselves.

  8. Alicia Smith

    That was really fun to watch. Wow, just wow!

  9. Chito Legaspi

    Chinie Lourisse Gandionco David where’s the 100 fly video??

    • Amr Adam

      He is a true legant , in the time all the eyes of the swimming world on Kazan Russia where the world swimming champion ship is, he just stay home in USA and made a new record. It like he say focus on me i am more important that the world champion ship 😀 i like him so much , best swimmer ever lived Shaymaa El Geziri

    • Silvano Barach

      Es impresionante como retoma a nadar y sigue partiendo récords ??

    • Kevin Malagon

      ??? pero si es impresionante!! Deberíamos ir a los olímpicos en río y verlo… seria re vacano

    • Silvano Barach

      Obvio , seria una locura ? toca vernos y hablar de persona

    • Kevin Malagon

      Yo trabajo este fin de semana pero podría parchar un rato

    • Silvano Barach

      Dale, hablamos pro whatsapp en El Grupo ????

  10. Martin Diaz

    Did they really have to use blaze

  11. Ferreira Van Biljon

    Can’t keep a good man down! ! Let the clock do the talking…

  12. Ariel Rubin

    Nicole Strydom Joy Arendse-Gorvalla

  13. Ahmed Alrhal

    الناس ديه طيبه اوى ياخال:D:D:D

  14. Yasir Fadul

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  15. Yasir Fadul

    Mohammed Dolib محجوب عثمان دفع الله الراجل ضيع الناس في الاربعة

    • Yasir Fadul

      قطعا ليهم من كلو ، أمس كسر ارقام ناس في كازان !!

    • Yasir Fadul

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  16. Mohammed Dolib

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    • Yasir Fadul

      دا وحش ياخ ، كراكن !!!

  17. Jill Konosky

    He is an extraordinary athlete!

  18. Mer Vat Ri Va

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  19. Jennifer Bélanger

    Roxanne Bélanger ryan lochte vs michael phelps aux olympiques ??

  20. Rodrigo Peixoto

    André Brandão Bertschy Gabriel Ramon Lino Sued Awad facil

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    He the king of swimming