Towson University Concedes To Team Request, Names Jake Shrum Acting Head Coach

Randall Smith

Following news breaking last night on Swimming World that the large majority of the Towson Tigers planned to peacefully boycott the upcoming dual meet against Pittsburgh, the Towson administration has conceded to one of the team’s requests by naming first-year assistant coach Jake Shrum as the Acting Head Coach.

The protest was called for in response to the lack of information coming out from Towson’s athletics department regarding a video-recording device being found in the women’s swimming and diving locker room at Towson.

On top of promoting Shrum to this interim role, which includes head coach Pat Mead also being moved off the staff, the athletics department hired Tim Perkins as the temporary Diving Coach to replace Maureen Mead who had already been put on administrative leave alongside assistant coach Adrienne Phillips.

Members of the team informed Swimming World last night that the team planned to peacefully protest outside Burdick Hall and not participate in their upcoming meet against Pittsburgh, largely in part to feeling unheard by the administration during two independent ongoing investigations.

According to members of the team, the administration has met with the team at least four times, and no new information has been given other than that both a Title IX and a police department investigation are currently ongoing.

The athletics director has not attended the past three meetings, and the administration has ignored requests from the team to name an interim head coach until the end of the investigation.

With tonight’s announcement, at least one of those requests were honored.  Additionally, to eliminate the potential of any need to split the squad this weekend for the Pittsburgh Invite, Towson announced that the squad will not participate “this weekend in order to refocus, recover, and regroup and to prepare to restart the competition schedule in January.”

Towson reiterated that the lack of information coming out from the university is due to the ongoing nature of its investigations.

“We continue to move toward the conclusion of the investigation as swiftly as possible. Both Interim President Timothy Chandler and AD Leonard understand the frustration expressed by some members of team with the timeline, however we must follow due process to ensure the correct actions are taken. It is imperative that we are working with information that is accurate, complete, and verified in order to make these difficult decisions.

University and Athletics staff will continue to hold our regular meetings with team members, as we have over the past month, both to hear concerns and to keep the team informed as more information becomes available.”

No reportable information has yet been divulged about exactly what happened with the video-recording.


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    Doug Snyder


    Many of you know that our family is very involved with this issue. Many of the statements made above are true – it’s been decided that the team is going to stay home this weekend and focus on rebuilding their relationships with their fellow teammates. Coach Jake and Tim are the interim coaches. Counselling sessions have been scheduled. It’s time to move on. It is a time for healing. For those of you that were affected in the past, I hope that you find comfort. For those of you that are still on the team, you know what you need to do that’s in your best interest; may God be with you as you make your future decisions. For those of you that may consider Towson in the future, we’ve been very pleased with the educational opportunity that has been given and as far as the S&D team is concerned, well, it’s a new day dawning. For those of you that are just getting into competitive swimming or considering a college swimming opportunity, it isn’t like this everywhere. The highs are very high and the lows shouldn’t be this low, but sometimes they are. You just live through them to swim another day.

    Wow, what an impact that a video makes. As far as where the video is right now, it’s with the police department and is a part of the investigation and in my opinion as such should not be commented about about other than the fact that the police have it. I wish I could burn the damn thing.

    Please continue to keep the Towson Men’s and Women’s S&D team in your prayers. They need them.

    Thanks, Doug Snyder

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      Hi Doug,
      Have the team check the visitors section on the Towson swimming and diving Facebook page. As alumni we have been there for the team financially but we want to support the emotionally. And as I posted on there if anyone of the team members need to talk please reach out. We are TU strong!

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    Tim Perkins, former diver at UMBC?

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    probably shouldnt say my name

    why are u defending pat? if he, adrieane and mo dont go to prision ill be pissed. they broke the law! video taking girls in the locker room!? wtf. pat better not have another job in his life. theyre all sex offenders
    on the other article multiple people said in the comments that pat bought alcohol for the seniors and tried to force himself on them after conferences.
    i just feel bad for those kids. hope they dont end up in foster care and i hope we can swim fast at caas but at this point idk

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      MD swimmer

      are you a current or former swimmer on the towson team? not asking for a name just asking if thats where this perspective is coming from

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      His kids will probably go to family members or they will get to be like the Theresea and Joe from the real housewives and take turns going to jail. I mean it would suck have sex offenders as parents you could never have friends over never have your parents on school property but hey when Mo set up that camera she knew what she was doing.

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        Stephanie Guttenplan

        thank moses we aren’t a reality show.. huh?

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    probably shouldnt say my name

    the person i was replying to had their comment taken down

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    Jake is going to be a great head coach heard so many great things about him lets focus on the positive thing here a monster to society is out and a saving grace is now in control. Towson SD you got this! You are the strongest most united team I have ever seen through social media. You will continue to be great.

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    swimmer ( not towson)

    probably shouldn’t say my name- don’t give up on your end of the year meet or your goals its only November work hard now and come end of the year you will be fine.

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    Its a new era with the Meads gone anything is possible. They will no longer make you hate swimming and diving but you will love it again which means you will go faster. The Meads think they are great people glad they are getting what they deserve Karma is a bitch and they are getting a big helping of it. Pat Mead is one of the worst individuals I have ever met, whether it be bribery, mental abuse, apparently sexual contact, and just being an ass will ruin his career. Not many people are supporting him I have not read one comment saying that they think what he is doing is right, i have read he coaches well helps swimmers taper well but thats it. When it comes to being a moral person he fails. I feel bad for his family because living with a man like him every day has to be living hell. He has no filter says what he wants and its not right I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that this man will no longer be representing Towson University. I plan to double my contribution to the women’s team just because that mans name is no longer associated with it

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    I forgot to say Pat Mead if you are reading this now look what 8 championships and countless NCAA qualifiers got you. Thats right it got you nothing because nobody cares what you did because it was the swimmers. You are a failure Pat wouldn’t it be nice if people cared about you an came to your rescue now. They don’t want to and i am sure if u go to court numerous people will testify against you.

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      Stephanie Guttenplan

      Pat is no failure.

      I would show up for him.

      I care about him.

      Let’s not hang the humans, eh?

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    Past Swimmer

    Pat would also allow underage swimmers to drink while at his house that is also illegal. The man is full of issues. I hope he will be taken down once and for all. He will never be able to hurt another swimmer again thank you Towson SD you have helped me get the closure I need to move on you stood up when no one else would thank you be proud. I think that is what everyone is trying to say to you all alumni are saying. Pat is a terrible person and I would be more then willing to testify in court to the university to anyone that would help get this man behind bars. Towson as a team has helped so much of anything is needed let me know I will be here

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      So you’d testify on record in court but won’t even put your name on you posting?

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    David Ress

    While I wasn’t necessarily of the opinion that the Pitt meet protest was a good idea, I have to hand it to the young men and women of the Towson Swimming & Diving team; in the absence of leadership, direction and information they stepped up to take action and achieved a very positive result. I admire these young people so much. Not only handling this crisis, but their dedication to their university and sport in general. Those who have not been directly involved in NCAA athletics I believe would be shocked to learn just how much work and responsibility the athletes themselves have in recruiting for example. Hosting and entertaining recruits with meager funds that don’t even cover their own expenses; bearing responsibility for the safety and well-being of kids only a year or two younger than they; navigating NCAA rules that make no sense and they can barely understand. And bear in mind these kids are on meager athletic scholarships at best (many on none at all) while athletes in certain other sports are not only on full rides but are now receiving spending money.

    There’s a lot of accusations made in this thread. Some true, some I suspect are not true. Whatever the case, I do believe due process is required before we start throwing anyone into prison here. Most, or perhaps all of us, don’t really have many facts. I don’t want to speculate. There’s a criminal investigation and the police can play that out. In the meanwhile, I am pleased that long overdue action by the University has been taken due to the courageous actions of the young men and women of the Towson University Swimming and Diving Team. Go Tigers !

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    Lady Tiger

    I was recruited to the Towson University Women’s Swim Team 10 years ago. A year and a half after joining the team about half of the women in my graduating class, including myself, quit the sport that we’d been excelling at since childhood. My parents were wise enough to know that Pat’s disgusting behavior was at fault for ending my swimming career. They went to the University with other parents and stated their cases, giving examples of his twisted “methods”, but nothing was done. At the time, if you made it to senior year, you were probably one of two or three left in your class. He has turned many people’s love of swimming into an abusive situation (in more ways than one). I’m sad it has taken this long to get Pat Mead out, but I’m thrilled that we can all collectively sigh in relief that he is no longer “coaching” young men & women. As a former lady tiger, I’m proud of the current team for standing their ground. It’s time to heal. Praying that justice will be served!

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    Stephanie Guttenplan

    We are all human, doing the best that we can. Former swimmer, not a swimmer at all, or a future swimmer: Don’t think that weird drama is brought up like this all over the place. College Athletics will always have it’s scandal – so would I if you had me under such a microscope at every second. Hell, I did have my scandals in my college career – and I’m so grateful that I was never kicked off the team or asked to leave and bow my head. I got to clean myself up. I got to be resilient. I got to swim.
    With everything else that is going on this world, to make a mountain out of a molehill, to create a ton of interpretations of sex scandals, illegal drinking or wherever else people’s mind go when they want to hate and judge… Everyone is safe, everyone is healthy, everyone is taking committed action to create solution.
    The results, resilience, and ability that this team has to rise above every occasion and create astronomical results is… literally insane. That’s what Towson is known for. A former swimmer who caused a lot of drama in my day, I’m glad that my stuff wasn’t sprawled out all over the internet, that people didn’t threaten to take me to jail, or call me such names.
    So call a man a man. Call a woman a woman. A mistake is a mistake. Let’s not hang the humans.
    Lady tiger till the day I die.

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      So just to be clear, you are condoning adults breaking the law and violating basic privacy and rights of the athletes they are supposed to be leading?

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      Ties to TU swimming

      Hold up. Hold. UP.
      Making a mountain out of a molehill? You honestly think that videotaping your female athletes in the locker room for ANY reason is acceptable? Do you condone manipulation to such a high degree that the lengths gone to achieve it are a complete invasion of privacy, not to mention AGAINST THE LAW?! Are you really willing to be a female perpetuating this rape culture that we live in by casting doubt on these accusations of his sexual misconduct when it’s not even an isolated incident?? Pat has been KNOWN for his wildly inappropriate behavior with his swimmers for YEARS in addition to being incredibly controlling and manipulative. Did you honestly swim for this man and not see this? I truly feel sorry for you if you are defending him because he clearly brainwashed and manipulated you along with countless others (including I would say, Maureen).
      Being a lady tiger until the day you die should mean you support the men and women of the Towson swimming and diving team. Not the monster who was supposed to lead them and instead betrayed their trust and sickened those still in the dark about his actions. Yet, for all of us who knew that this is how he is? Validation and maybe, finally, some justice if the administration is going to finally stop pulling the wool over their eyes.

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      Ties to TU swimming

      I’m sorry but I cannot be done with this before also addressing “everyone is safe. Everyone is healthy”. Really?! You have current swimmers saying they have sought counseling every single day. That they are scarred. They have been betrayed and violated. You think they feel safe with people coming forward alleging that the coach that they were supposed to look up to and trust attempted to rape his swimmers?? Do you really think that they feel mentally healthy right now?’
      Seems to me you may want to step back and ask yourself what kind of hold Pat has on you that would make you want to defend these inexcusable and disgusting actions.

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        Thank you!!! Glad to know I’m not the only one who found those comments absurd, idiotic, and extremely disrespectful to the current Lady Tigers.

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    All of the stories being shared in the Comments of this article and the other related articles may be shocking to some outside of the TU Swimming community, but most of us who have personally known this athletic program from the inside can agree that this news was not at all surprising. I have SO many questions about this and it is unsettling that we are all still grappling for answers a full month after the phone was discovered

    Who put the phone in the locker? Seems like Mo and/or Adrienne, but is that confirmed?
    Why were they recording the team?
    What were they hoping to catch on video/audio?
    How many other times was the team recorded in the locker room?
    Did the recording start this season, or has it been happening for years?
    Whose idea was it to record the team?
    What will be done to ensure the safety, privacy, and basic rights of the team members are not compromised going forward?
    Why did the swim team have to pull a Mizzou to finally get some action from TU administration?
    Was the TU administration hoping that this would “go away?”

    These are just some of the questions I have about this particular situation. Really though, this is just the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and it is likely that A LOT more will come out about this program in the near future. Just because the team members are physically fine, does not mean that this incident won’t leave scars on the team for years to come.

    A mistake is a mistake… and a felony is a felony.

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    Scott McIntire

    As a former swimmer and alumni I am at a total loss for words. I swam for Ray Riordon and although we had our great years and some down years. There was never any doubt as to the high standards and ethics of Ray. I am a professional age group coach in the MD LSC and have heard little of this. Can somebody give an abridged version of events and also some more specific insights into the coaching issues with Pat. On paper the program he built has become a powerhouse on the womens side and the mens side was becoming relevant again. We almost lost the program years ago and it is painful to see this. Please lend your anectdotes and try not to embellish.
    I Thank all of you for your time.
    Scott A McIntire
    TSU Swimmer 1982-84

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      A month ago a smart phone was found recording in the women’s swim team locker room. The TU President’s office was notified (not sure by whom) of this and immediately contacted TUPD to open an investigation. There were no updates after the initial story was released, despite multiple requests from news outlets, until yesterday.
      Apparently Maureen Mead (diving coach & Pat’s wife) and Adrienne Phillips (assistant coach) were placed on administrative leave shortly after the incident occurred. Pat Mead was allowed to continue coaching during this time. Yesterday, a large majority of the team announced that they planned to peacefully boycott this weekend’s Pittsburgh meet unless TU released more information about the investigation. The team had repeatedly requested that an interim head coach be named until the investigation was complete, and this request was ignored by TU.
      After the news of the Pittsburgh boycott made the rounds yesterday, TU placed Pat on administrative leave as well and named Jake Shrum acting head coach.

      These are the only facts we know for certain – everything you may have read in the comments section of this and other related articles is unconfirmed personal anecdote at this point, though it is possible that this phone recording incident ties into larger issues within the TU Swim & Dive program. It is true that on paper Pat has built a CAA powerhouse, but some believe that his coaching methods may be psychologically abusive and include tactics such as fat shaming, bullying, and intentionally preventing athletes who want to transfer out of TU from competition for a full year of NCAA eligibility.

      Hope this helps!

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    Bill V.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m having a lot of trouble believing most of the comments here. I have known the Mead family since 1978. We carpooled together at times, and I have no hesitation saying the Meads represent the finest swimming families you will find– always involved, always giving, both parents were superb volunteers, officials, the kids were all good, talented swimmers, nice, good sports, stayed out of trouble, etc.

    This story sounds much more like a group of disgruntled swimmers fabricated a plan to oust the “mean” coach (read: the one who made them work), in favor of the “nice” one (the one who let them slack off), by grabbing someone else’s cell phone, propping it up in the locker room, and saying what they needed to say to get what they wanted. That’s partly why there’s so little job security in coaching, unfortunately.

    • avatar
      Current Towson swimmer

      The ignorance of the last part of your comment is just so insulting on so may levels. I have dedicated my whole college career to this team, my coaches, and teammates. To say that ANY of us wanted this to happen and for our whole lives to be turned upside down and to have to watch as the people we trusted most crumble under this is unacceptable. I’m honestly just in shock that you would even accuse us of being malicious enough to do that. Pat and mo did so much for me and if I could make this all go away I would In a heartbeat. However, i cannot take back what someone else did or ignore what I saw. We deserve justice in this. We are the victims, not the coaches.

      • avatar
        Bill V.

        Well, I’d have to say I’ve been around the block about three million more times than you have; I had a whole career in swimming, coaching, editing and writing for the swimming magazines, and I have seen all kinds of utterly disgusting things over more than 30 years of involvement, including many false accusations.

        Frankly, if these accusations are false, which I feel they probably are, I hope Pat lawyers-up and sues the university’s face off.

    • avatar

      Bill, of someone who touts their experience and presumed education your fondness for the family as a whole has you blinded to areas of his life in which you have not experienced. Pat mead is a driven individual. It goes without saying that someone who demands excellence from his swimmers would also demand the same of his family. I have no doubt that your interactions with him and his family have been every bit of perfection that you have relayed and it is because of the high expectations of pat, that his family would never dare portrait anything but perfection. The demands on his swimmers are a different side of him that you have not experienced personally. To insinuate that anything but a violation has occurred is quite insensitive. The comments seen through out these posts are not coming from one group of college students these are students that have spanned his coaching career over the last 15 years. I fear that as his program succeeded more (statistically speaking) the tactics used to keep moving forward also escalated and his comfort zone with his position in the Towson administration feeling untouchable also grew. I don’t think it’s often that scandal surfaces and close friends and family of the accused says “wow I always knew he was a maniacal control freak that would eventually get caught crossing moral and legal boundaries”. While I understand it’s hard for you to accept that this is a possibility (and those who know him in other ways know it’s a likelihood) please don’t take away from what these girls and past/present swimmers have endured under his leadership on this team.

      • avatar

        Thank you for articulating what I have been trying to put together since I read Bill’s comment.

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        Bill V.

        Nothing in the swimming news surprises me anymore, but this story doesn’t add up.

        Regarding people who are supporting their families in the sport, the idea of risking it all by leaving a relatively unconcealed cell phone laying around doesn’t even sound plausible. The Brian Hindson case, Kokomo, Indiana, could be seen as a comparable example. Hindson went to great lengths to conceal his activities, and it sounds like that’s not at all what happened in your situation. You’ll need to explain that, but you don’t need to explain it to me.

        It doesn’t sound anything like Pat, but it does sound like a lot of swimmers I have known. There were always plenty of swimmers, parents too, who wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of a coach they didn’t like. That’s why I said coaching was an occupation with little stability. And the pay sucks, too. 🙂

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      Current swimmer

      To Bill v, this was not a high thought out plan to get the “mean” coach kicked out. It was Mo and Adrienne plan and Mo is the one who put the phone in the locker(there was a video of her putting it in the locker). Pat may or may not have even known about them doing it. It is Mos fault that pat is in the position he is in now.

    • avatar
      Ties to TU swimming

      So. Just to be clear… You think that not only did the current swimmers despise Pat so much that they planted the phone themselves (despite the fact that there are reports that there is video evidence of Maureen doing it herself. Hey, maybe she got so sick of her husband’s scandalous and controlling behavior that she framed him herself??) but, additionally, you think that alumni – people who swam for Pat over a decade ago, all got together to team up and spew lies about his behavior?? That sounds accurate. All of his former swimmers who were affected by his behavior and now have lives and families apart from this probably had lots of time to scheme something like this so that there would be consistent accusations of sexual misconduct. Because years later they are still so upset that he was the “mean coach”…which, according to you, just means he made them work hard.
      I mean, this sounds spot on. No, really. You and Pat sound like two peas in a pod.

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        Bill V.

        Not sure if that item was up when I posted, but makes even less sense to me now. I don’t know her at all. To be honest, I don’t really care what people here think of my comments. At least I have the cojones to identify myself. What really brought me back was to wish Pat well. I hope he will do whatever he’s got to do to get clear of this whole situation. A better life will follow.

      • avatar
        Bill V.

        I did read the story, thanks for checking, and it makes no sense to me why a married woman would record girls in the locker room. But like I said earlier, I never met the woman. If you’re asking me to change my opinion about swimmers, that’s not going to happen. I’m not a friend of the sport anymore.

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        Bill Sucks

        Wait Bill, I thought you have known the Mead family since 1978??????

      • avatar
        Bill V.

        If you want drama, you do not need to antagonize someone who knows how repulsive your sport is. Just go to the pool.

      • avatar

        If you are no longer a friend of the sport, what are you doing on Swimming World?

      • avatar
        Really, Bill?

        This keeps getting better, Bill. You’ve known them since 1978…carpooled together?? Were SO confident of their innocence that you were accusing the swimmers of teaming up against them both because Pat was the “mean coach” ……….and yet……….you’ve never.. met.. Maureen??

        Um. What?

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    Bill Sepich

    To All,
    Input into a controversial issue is always good. I applaud all those that comment and share on this issue and on this forum. My daughter swam for TU and Pat for 2 years. The individual issues that she went through and shared with us are between her, her parents and friends. I am not here to share those experiences. I do, however, have a strong feeling about saying one thing.
    Lets keep in mind that the Mead’s have children. They can very easily read, and probably are reading all these comments. As are the kids they go to school with. And their friends. Lets take the high road here and please, understand this. The Towson University education continues to teach humility and those that have been through it understand this more than someone like myself.
    I am in no way defending Pat or condoning what was done. However kicking a man when he is down only turns others into the bully. Please continue to share your thoughts and comments but do so with the dignity and class that your TU education has awarded you. God bless Towson, the athletes, and the continuing courage that they display.
    Coach Bill Sepich

    • avatar
      Happy Alum

      Regarding: “Lets keep in mind that the Mead’s have children.” Pat and Mo brought this on themselves. Every word of encouragement or hate alike are opinions which these people have the right to voice. If they wanted people to talk nice, they should’ve behaved differently over the past 15 years (and especially the last 6 (back when I was on the team and saw things going down hill)). I hope they finally realize how much damage they’ve caused to so many athletes. Video taping the girls naked cannot be justified.

      • avatar
        Bill Sepich

        Perhaps you missed where I said “I applaud all those that comment and share on this issue and on this forum.” And again when I stated “I am in no way defending Pat or condoning what was done.”
        People do have a right to voice which is what I was saying. And the Meads did bring this on themselves. If you read my post and understood it, you would understand that it was NOT a justification of what was done.
        I simply ask that you keep their children in mind as THEY should not be the victims here.

  17. avatar

    Bill V,
    The nature of your comment, while not only rude and insensitive, is laughable. You “knew” a pet of Pat. Do you really think that he would show you his true colors? According to his wife, he didn’t even show her his true colors until after they were married and he had already “trapped” her. Your comments are offensive to not only the current swimmers going through this traumatic situation but the past swimmers who have gone through his abusive tactics as well. I’m sorry your opinion of him is so warped and my heart aches for you because you obviously can’t comprehend Pat’s behavior or you are just like him. The latter seems more appropriate to me as you’ve shown your lack of sensatvitiy and general rudeness in your comments. Also, Pat Mead’s salary IS (he’s still getting paid) huge. He is making well over 6 figures and I would say his position as a swim coach was more than stable as he has been under investigation before at Towson and kept his job. I hope you get the help you need.

  18. avatar

    I had my issues with Pat but for real…Has Pat been charged with anything? If not, then all these comments making accusations about his “morality” and what not are nothing more then a witch hunt with personal vendettas. It’s not right to accuse someone of something and say with conviction that he deserves prison time with no solid proof other then your disdain for the person. Honestly, does anyone think Pat is that stupid to plant a smart phone in the women’s locker room? He has four children and a family. Why would he do that? And all those comments about him buying alcohol…unless he’s done a 180 since I swam he’s always been avidly against drinking. There was always a dry policy. That doesn’t matter though because that has nothing to do with the topic at hand which invalidates most of these comments because whether or not he buys booze or fat shames or whatever else he does has nothing to do with what is going on right now and if he does do those things it does not make him guilty of planting a smart phone in the womens locker room. The police are investigating. Leave it to them. It’s so reckless and messed up to be publicly accusing someone of something with no proof.

  19. avatar
    Fun facts

    On the pool deck:
    In 2012 Assistant Coach Margy Cramer left her position.
    In 2013 Laura DeGore was hired as her replacement and after one season she quit.
    In 2014 Coach Mike Smiechowski was hired to replace her and after one season he quit.
    Also in 2014 Coach Adrienne Phillips was hired.
    In 2015 Coach Jake Shrum was hired as his replacement. After 1/3 of a season he was named intrim head coach as all of the others were placed on amdinistrative leave.

    In the administration:
    In 2013 (I think) Swimming & Diving’s Sports administrator Margie Tversky (to my knowledge) was laid off due to bugetary restrictions.
    The following season Jenn Judy took over her responsibilities and quit at the conclusion of the 2014 season.
    This year a man was hired to replace her and after being briefed on things he declined the position.
    In 2015 Assistant Coach Adrienne Phillips started a relationship with Assistant Compliance Director Derek Summerville in order to manipulate the trust of the department (I know this because she bragged about it).

    None of that mentioned the large number of athletes that have quit, transferred, or been cut.
    As you can see, over the past 4 years, the team is currently on its 5th assistant coach (because nobody can stand working with Pat), and has had a lot of trouble keeping people around in the administration. It’s time to clean up Towson Swimming & Diving. Keep Coach Jake Shrum and hire some new assistants. Let’s get the season back on track and win another title and let’s go men too! You’re doing the right thing by taking a stand, don’t give up!

    • avatar
      Scott McIntire

      I appreciate all the comments and have just a couple of points. First and most important is that Bill Sepich is right. I have known Bill for many years and he comes from a point of view as a highly respected coach and as a parent and father. The Meads have young children and above all else, DO NOT HARM THEM! They are innocent and are dealing with enough without adding more to it.
      Secondly, as a senior age group coach I have seen and heard enough stories about swimmers and their college choices. This has nothing to do with the events that are alleged. I use that term strictly as a definition. But a couple of the comments seem to be ax grinding. So nobody thinks I am “pro” Pat Mead, I too had a swimmer go to TU to swim and was not treated as I believe a swimmer should be treated. Although they quit TU swimming, they did have a great overall experience at TU.
      I have talked to several friends who are senior age group coaches in the TU area and all say the same thing in one way or another. Swimming at TU was not for everyone and that a swimmer needed to be really mentally tough. My only thought is that the program survives this and comes back stronger.
      To all the TU swimmers past and present on this blog, I commend you for your dedication to TU and to our great sport.

    • avatar

      Apparantly Pat was investigated earlier based on charges from athletes. Because of his success I believe the athletics administration looked the other way. His success makes them look good. They talk a good game about student-athlete welfare and experience but winning comes first. Now look what’s happened. Tim Leonard and his staff need to be held accountable.

  20. avatar

    Hey SwimmingWorld/Jason – what is the update on this story? Noticed three coaches were removed from… the lack of information from Towson regarding this situation has been extremely frustrating.

    • avatar

      The roster change would fall in line with this reporting:

      “On top of promoting Shrum to this interim role, which includes head coach Pat Mead also being moved off the staff, the athletics department hired Tim Perkins as the temporary Diving Coach to replace Maureen Mead who had already been put on administrative leave alongside assistant coach Adrienne Phillips.”

      Nothing else has come out other than some reporting that states specifically that the recording device was Maureen Mead’s. But, that information had been in the comments here for awhile, and a full update didn’t need to be done.

      The next significant update on this story will be when they finally finish with their investigations, and something actually happens after that. For now, the team is pretty much focusing on finding some balance heading into the holiday break.

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        Apparently Maureen was charged with 2 misdemeanors and 1 felony