The Morning Swim Show: Pierre LaFontaine On Future of Canadian Swimming; College Recuiting News; Eva Fabian Talks About Open-Water Swimming

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 16. INTERVIEWS with the head of Canadian Swimming and a potential open-water swimming star are the highlights of Thursday's edition of The Morning Swim Show.

Speaking with host Peter Busch at the Nelson Vargas swim clinic in Mexico City, Swimming Canada CEO Pierre LaFontaine talks about the performances of the Canadian swimmers at the Olympics and what his federation is doing to continue to improve.

In today's High School Thursday segment, Busch runs down some of the top college decisions made by top swimmers, including Caitlin Leverenz and Tom Shields. Eva Fabian, a rising star in open water swimming, talks with Busch about her performance at the recent RCP Tiburon Mile and how she trains for open-water swimming in New Hampshire.

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