Tech Talk: Dolfin Swimwear Reveals Titanium Technical Suit


PHOENIX – SwimmingWorld.TV brings you another episode of Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics. In this episode, Tiffany Elias is joined by Matt Zimmer, the Director of Brand Development for Dolfin Swimwear to discuss Dolfin’s newest technical suit to hit the market.

Dolfin Swimwear, renowned as the world’s best training suit manufacturer, has released the world’s first 4-Stage Framing System integrated in the latest advancement in competition swimwear – Titanium. The Titanium technology represents years of fabric development, fit refinement, and the relentless pursuit to fuse function with advanced fabrics.

Built into four stages, Titanium’s integrated system provides leading fused fabric compression, streamline support, and lowers the overall drag coefficient.

• Stage 1 – Welded Chassis: Long-axis control welding provides unmatched control to major muscle groups and stabilizes water displacement zones on the human form. Titanium provides the maximum allowed welding per 2015 FINA rules.

• Stage 2 – Booster Shield Liner: Compression wrapping over larger muscle zones adds to the control initiated with the welded. Muscle return and vibration reduction are achieved, while augmenting compression and streamlining.

• Stage 3 – HydroLock Weave: A Dolfin exclusive, industry first 3D profile woven monofilament, provides uncompromised compression and the highest rated strength-to-weight ratio. HydroLock delivers maximum tensile strength across all directions of the human form, with a dramatically low-friction surface.

• Stage 4 – Vapor Block: Each Titanium fiber is coached with a superhydrophobic application, decreasing water absorbency as well as drag.

“Titanium represents the most advanced technology I’ve ever seen in swimwear,” states six-time US Olympic Coach and Director of Technical Performance Mark Schubert. “We’ve made great demands on this fabric and what all coaches and athletes now require. Every independent test result proves that Titanium represents the new level of what athletes should expect.”

“I’ve never felt anything that holds me so firmly, but feels like a feather when it’s in my hand,” says 2014 US Olympian and reigning Golden Goggle Perseverance Award recipient Andrew Gemmell. “Dolfin made this so strong and so light. I don’t know how they did it. I’m just glad they did.”
The Titanium tech suit is available in blue, pink, purple, green and steel.

To learn more about Dolfin Swimwear’s Titanium tech suit, watch this week’s episode.
Dolfin Swimwear Titanium– Tech Talk

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