Tech Suits to Remain in Japan Until End of March

By Hideki Mochizuki, Swimming World Japanese correspondent

TOKYO, Japan, November 21. THE Japanese Swimming Federation has decided not to end the ability to use tech suits domestically until the end of March, according to the morning edition of several major Japanese newspapers today.

Kazuo Sato, the head of the federation, confirmed today that the federation will continue to allow the use of tech suits until the end of March, in contradiction to Japan voting against the suits at the World Championships held in Rome.

"The new suits matching the new standard will not be distributed fairly nationwide in January," Sato said as the reason for delaying the implementation of the ban domestically.

The federation, however, also stated that it will not ratify any national records set in tech suits after January. On May 25 of this year, the federation sent out a press release stating that it would not change its domestic rules until the end of March.