Teaching Dolphin Kick

Teaching Dolphin Kick

PHOENIX-Dolphin kick appears in all four strokes—including starts and turns. The following program can help swimmers of any aptitude learn to execute effectively what may be the fastest movement in competitive swimming: the dolphin kick.
Despite the fact that the movement is unnatural for many swimmers, few coaches offer intentional programs for teaching it. Some coaches say you either have it or you don’t; others think that their swimmers will master dolphin kicking just by doing it a lot. But just like any movement in competitive swimming, the technique of the dolphin kick can be taught. (Story page 22, by Bridger Bell)
Teaching the Dolphin Kick video tutorial:
1)Outward “Banana Peel”

2) Wall Facing “Banana Peel”

3) Dolphin Kick with board

4) Head out dolphin kick

5) Dolphin kick on side

6) Underwater dolphin kick

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020 Swimming Technique Misconceptions: Butterfly Undulation
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022 Teaching Dolphin Kick
by Bridger Bell
Dolphin kick appears in all four strokes-including starts and turns. The following program can help swimmers of any aptitude learn to execute effectively what may be the fastest movement in competitive swimming: the dolphin kick.

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  1. Robert Lucas

    Suze Williams we need to master this!

  2. Kristie Wisniewski

    We do a lot of dolphin kick work but my twins are 7. So we use fins and do that under water drill as well as forward drill underwater. We do the Michael Phelps vertical training techniques, but with the kick board we do something different. With 8&unders the idea is never breath in a 25. So when we do the kick board they keep their chin on their chest. What this does when younger swimmers swim is allows them body position to get their arms fully extended out of the water without breathing/lifting their head. Great videos though and we will try the side one and the wall ones soon. Our dryland one consists of wiggle wiggle arms right now.

Author: Maureen Rankin

Maureen Rankin is a All-American swimmer from the Multnomah Athletic Club and swam at the University of Arizona. She was a member of USA Swimming Junior National Team and a former Coach for the Phoenix Swim Club. She is a USMS Member and serves as Age Group Chair for Arizona Swimming.

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