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Competitive Swimming is In Crisis Unless…

Competitive Swimming is in crisis…..UNLESS….. By Wayne Goldsmith There is no doubt that Competitive Sport around the world is in crisis. In some places, particularly in rural and regional areas,


How to Spot Terrible Coaches

By Wayne Goldsmith. It’s easy to spot a good coach – energy, passion, enthusiasm, dedication, connection with their swimmers, knowledge…and it’s just as easy to identify terrible coaches. So how

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Three Things Good Coaches Do

By Wayne Goldsmith. There are coaches. And there are good coaches. Coaches who do things right – and do the right things – the things that will help the swimmers

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Coach Development: How Coaches Learn

By Wayne Goldsmith Coach Development: How Coaches Learn. By Wayne Goldsmith It’s pretty simple logic. Swimmers want to get better at what they do. The first and most important step

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The Swimming Zone

The Swimming Zone. By Wayne Goldsmith You’re traveling through another swimming dimension—a dimension not only of muscles and tendons, but of mind…a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are