Swimming’s Most Important Lessons

Swimming’s most important lessons (Part 1: #’s 1-15)

PHOENIX-30 things you need to understand about the development of swimmers: A personal Journey 25 years in the making. This is the first of a two part series in the April & May Issues of Swimming World Magazine.

Excerpt from the upcoming April 2015 Issue of Swimming World Magazine, By Wayne Goldsmith who said, “After 25 years working with swimmers, coaches, swimming clubs, swimming parents and swimming organisations all over the world, I am often asked, ‘What are the most important things you’ve learned about swimming?'”

Here is a a quick summary of swimming’s most important lessons Goldsmith has learned in helping swimmers to realize their potential, more on each point and the countdown of all 30 in the April & May 2015 Issues of Swimming World Magazine:

1. It’s all about commitment
2. There are no little things
3. Parents….there are difficult parents in every program… the key is how you communicate with them
4. Some parents will never be happy no matter what you do
5. Early success – early failure – unless…
6. Confidence is the key and it all starts with independence
7. Workouts don’t really matter
8. There are no short cuts
9. Sleep, rest, recovery and staying healthy are as important as training
10. Love and accept yourself as a human being for who you are – not for what you do
11. Never give up
12. Values, character and virtues underpin all stories
13. Mental toughness counts-but not in the way you might think
14. Don’t count the laps…make every lap count
15. Don’t rubbish other programs, other swimmers or other coaches
16 -30. Available in the May 2015 Issue of Swimming World Magazine

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