Swim Training Set Of The Week: 25s Fly Set for Age Groupers

Michael_White(BlackCap)+Matthew Spallas_200Fly_Prelims
Photo Courtesy: Nicholas McMillan

Butterfly workouts have a tendency to scare age groupers because, well, it’s butterfly. Perhaps the perfect way to quell their worries is under the veil of 25s. This week’s swim training set works varying distances of butterfly mixed with fast freestyle. There’s a variety of ways to do this set, but here is the original version:

3 Rounds

4 x 25 fly @ :25/:30

4 x 25 free @ :20/:25

:30 break

6 x 25 fly @ :25/:30

6 x 25 free @ :20/:25

:30 break

8 x 25 fly @ :25/:30

8 x 25 free @ :20/:25

1 x 50 easy

1 x 50 fly off block for time

1 x 50 easy

1 x 50 free off block for time

As the 25s amass, it’s important for the swimmers to maintain a quality fly stroke. This means holding on to a consistent breathing pattern and a low straight-arm recovery. There’s not a lot of rest in between 25s. The quick turnaround serves as an endurance builder, helping swimmers gain the confidence and ability to swim the 50, 100, and 200 fly.

Having the number of 25s increase throughout each round instead of decrease teaches the swimmers to swim fly fast and correctly when tired.

The freestyle aspect of the set keeps heart rates up and helps with the swimmers’ aerobic base. The 50s off the block at the end of each round are meant to work on sprinting and racing. It’s a great way to train the 50 free and simulate the first 50 of the 100 fly.

If you want to work on more than just butterfly, the three rounds can be dedicated to each of the strokes (first round fly, second round back, third round breast). Don’t let the 25s fool you, it’s a deceptively tough workout.

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