Sweden’s Glen Christiansen Smashes 200m Breaststroke Masters World Mark for Men 45-49

HAMBURG, Germany, Dec. 11. SWEDEN'S Glen Christiansen slashed the Masters world record in the (short course) 200 meter breaststroke for men 45-49 last weekend, clocking 2:31.73.

The old record, 2:34.24, was held by U.S. Olympian Rick Colella.

Christiansen's swim was done at the 27th Christmas Swimming Festival in Kiel, Germany.

"I thought I had a chance to break the European record (2:38.94)," Christiansen said, "then I fell sick with fever and a serious infection for over a week and almost gave up the try. But being a fighter I decided to give it a run anyway. After all, I have been swimming 2:37 – 2:38 consistently the last couple of years, and with a well planned race I might do it again."

Was he wrong!

Christiansen, who already held the 50 and 100m breaststroke marks, says: "I went crazy! It was by far my best time in years and when I least expected it !

"That I beat 'kids' 20 – 25 years younger than me who has been ahead of me the last couple years made it even more fun, of course. Especially since I outsprinted them the last 25 meters.

Still on a high, Christiansen swam a 400m IM and, as he puts it, "survived," clocking a new Swedish Masters record of 5:08.8.

All in all, not a bad day's work for someone whose training focuses on the 50m breaststroke.