Sun Yang Suspended Indefinitely From Competition By College

HANGZHOU, China, November 5. THE hits just keep on coming for Olympic champion Sun Yang as his college program, Zhejiang College of Sports, has suspended the star indefinitely from competition according to Xinhua News Agency in China.

“First of all, he should thoroughly reflect of what he has done. Then he will have to resume systematic training. Only after a long period of training during which he can abide by the rules, can we consider to reinstate him,” Zhejiang college vice president Zhang Yadong said. “The punishment is severe but we are doing this for his own good. We hope he can always be the hero of Chinese sports instead of a sinner.”

While the Chinese swimming federation has not publicly supported the move, Zhejiang is one of Sun’s primary training bases and this move could be substantial depending on how long they elect to keep him out of competition.

The move comes just days after Sun drew a seven-day jail sentence for driving without a license, something discovered after a bus rear-ended the star swimmer while he was driving what he says was a borrowed Porsche Cayenne.

Even after pulling off an amazing 400-800-1500 freestyle triple this past summer at the World Championships, as well as earning his province some serious money at the Chinese National Games, Zhejiang still believes that Sun has been living an uncouth lifestyle that included gossip about his romantic life as well as issues with his long-time coach Zhu Zhigen.

Xinhua article.