Sun Yang Injures Hand on 200 Free Finish, Could Miss Rest of Asian Games

Photo Courtesy: Joao Marc Bosch

INCHEON, South Korea, September 21. An injury that could significantly reduce the starpower at the Asian Games occurred at the end of the men’s 200-meter free last night as world-record holder Sun Yang of China jammed the finish and wound up being rushed to the hospital after finals according to several media reports.

SINA reports exclusively that there is not a bone break, but that the injury is still significant. Sun wound up in the hospital, and did not return to his residence until 2 a.m. last night.

“Last night’s results show that there is no problem with the bone, but two badly swollen fingers are causing pain.  Sun is taking medication to ease the pain, but it is difficult to estimate whether he will be able to return.” SINA reports.

Sun had been planning on competing in the 200 free, 400 free and 1500 free as well as two freestyle relay events for China, but after taking second in the 200 free last night he might not compete in the men’s 800 free relay during tonight’s session.