Splashbacks: Tech Suits for Kids; 2020 Olympic Trials News Headline Sep-Oct 2018


It’s been another amazing year of aquatics competition, including exciting trips to Glasgow for the European Championships and Tokyo for the Pan Pacific Championships, and Swimming World had our readers covered every step of the way.  During the next few days, we’ll take a look back in “Splashbacks”, the most read stories of 2018.

Tech suits for kids and the 2020 Olympic Trials were among the top headlines for the months of September and October.

1. Tech Suits for 12-Under Banned by USA Swimming, Except Junior National Qualifiers

USA Swimming made a monumental decision in September when they announced that tech suits would be banned for all 12 and under swimmers. One amendment to the rule was made and that is to allow 12 and under swimmers who qualify for the USA Junior National Championships and National Championships.

2. 2020 Olympic Trials Cuts Released; All Times Faster Than 2016

All heads have officially turned to the 2020 Olympic Trials as USA Swimming’s Rowdy Gaines and Mike Unger announced the 2020 Olympic Trials cuts. Each of the cut times announced were faster than the 2016 cuts, however, only 12 of the 26 previously contested events improved by more than one second. The 2020 Olympic Trials are set to take place in Omaha, Nebraska June 21-28, 2020.

3. Missy Franklin Engaged to Hayes Johnson

Two-time Olympian Missy Franklin continued to have an exciting 2018 as she announced her engagement to Texas swimmer Hayes Johnson via Instagram.

4. Howard University Fighting the Only Myth in Swimming 

Swimming World college intern, Mark McCluskey, wrote a compelling story about the Howard University men’s and women’s swim teams. The Howard University team is the only HBCU (Historically Black and Colored University) Division 1 team in the country. Coach Nicholas Askew took over in 2014 and has doubled the size of the team since taking over. Askew continues to grow the team and fight the stigma that black people can’t swim.

5. Abrahm DeVine Stepping Out as Elite IMer and Gay Swimmer

Stanford’s Abrahm DeVine has become a prominent name in swimming, qualifying for the 2017 World Championships, 2018 Pan Pacific Championships, and notching his first NCAA Championship title in the 400 IM. n addition to his successes in the water, DeVine has also been breaking boundaries as one of few openly gay swimmers.

6. Santa Clara Swim Club Head Coach John Bitter Fired for $600,000 in Financial Irregularities

Santa Clara Swim Club released head coach John Bitter from all duties in September after the club learned that there were financial irregularities in the realm of $600,000.

7. A Turn That is Ever-Changing: The Back to Breast Exchange

Swimming World college intern Taylor Byers took a closer look at the ever-changing turn that is the back to breast exchange. This crucial transition has stirred up a lot of controversy over the past few years.

8. What Makes the Perfect Swimmer’s Body? 

Swimming World college intern J.P. Mortensen examined the age old question: what makes the perfect swimmer’s body? Mortensen examined a variety of variables, including center of mass, height, anthropometry, flexibility, and more.

9. 2020 Olympic Trials Dates Officially Set

Dates for the 2020 Olympic Trials have officially been set: June 21-28. The eight-day meet is set to take place in Omaha, Nebraska for the fourth straight quadrennial and will determine Team USA’s 2020 Olympic team.

10. Michael Phelps on WADA Decision, “I’ve complained about it, I’ve testified about it. And still nothing changes.”

The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) announced in late September that they would be reinstating the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). Olympic legend Michael Phelps spoke out against the decision while at the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Philanthropy for Better Cities forum, stating “I’ve complained about it, I’ve testified about it. And still nothing changes. So I guess that then leads us here and where do we go next? What else can be done?Somebody has to take charge and if WADA’s really not going do anything about it then somebody else has to.”

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