S.R. Smith Designs a New Velocity Starting Block

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The Velocity VR is the newest member of S.R.Smith’s Velocity Starting Block Series, specifically designed to replace existing S.R.Smith Varsity blocks by fitting into existing deck anchors.  The Varsity block has been a standard at competitive pools for decades, and now aquatic facilities can upgrade without drilling the deck and installing new anchors.


Like all S.R.Smith Velocity starting blocks, the VR features a large (28” x 32”) fiberglass footboard with a TrueTread™ non-slip surface. The footboard is also available with sand tread, which allows for custom colors and logos.  The track start wedge is adjustable to five positions, and easily tucks beneath the footboard (without detaching) to clear the surface for relay exchanges.  For more information, including product specifications and engineering drawings, visit srsmith.com/startwithvelocity or call 800.824.4387.


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About S.R.Smith

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