Ryan Lochte Rio Criminal Case Reopened By Brazil Court

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According to multiple reports from the USA Today, NBC Sports and the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the criminal case of 4x Olympian Ryan Lochte has been re-opened following an appeal by the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office.

“I’m disappointed that they’re trying to take another shot at it,” Jeff Ostrow, Lochte’s Florida-based attorney, told USA TODAY Sports. “I think they should just let it die because they lost and because he didn’t do anything wrong. But for whatever reason, they want to try to save face and continue this charade, let them do what they gotta do and we’ll continue to fight it because we believe we’re right.”

Lochte had been cleared of criminal charges earlier this summer, but a ruling by the Court of Justice suspends the decision that dismissed the case, thus leaving the case ongoing.

Ostrow said an appellate court would decide whether the charges should have been brought while prosecutors are asking the court to allow the case to continue on the merits. Lochte’s attorneys will attempt to stay that case pending ruling from the appellate court, he said.

Lochte had originally been charged for falsely communicating a crime to authorities after the infamous gas station incident after he was done competing in the Rio Olympics.

That case had originally been cleared in July 2017, but a Brazilian court has rejected that decision, thus leaving it open again.




  1. Irina Shikina

    ¡Hasta los cojones de los putos brasileños, joder!

  2. Susan L. Lansbury

    Probably only because he has a professional contract. So sad

    • Francisca Alencar

      No, it’s because he is the biggest lier who ever stepped in Brazilian soil. He is actually a criminal and should be in jail right now. Simple. Shssssssssss now.

      • avatar
        Douglas Klein

        U are so beyond stupid! I guess you also are an illiterate dummy too! You know nothing about the facts or the law. He never did anything illegal. Period. End of story. Nothing has changed. Brazil has always and now has proven Lochte’s point that what he said about Brazil being a corrupt society . He was correct then and now. Just face up to the fact that he is not only a winner in life but also a leader and genuine hero and idol.

    • Susan L. Lansbury

      Francisca Alencar really????!! The biggest liar ever on Brazilian soil? Wow, those people are all saints, cool !

    • Kerry Riddle

      Francisca Alencar get a freakin life you troll

      • avatar
        Douglas Klein

        Amen! Hallelujah! Someone gets it!

  3. Mike McCoulf

    He’s safe in the US doesn’t have to go back there again

  4. Shante Snell

    Poor country trying to get money

    • Anne GB

      Yes maam, that’s all it is about. Unfortunately we’re talking about the corporatisation of the legal system. Never mind the facts. What is the reason for reopening this case. Perhaps best not to trust an answer from the Brazilian authorities ~ what a joke. 🙂

  5. Zach Fisher

    Brazil feel like you have more important things to be worrying about. Not sure sure tho 🤔

      • avatar
        Douglas Klein

        YOU should STFU. Your ignorance and stupidity is amazing!

    • Danny Klapper

      You would thing that they would be spending time and effort to catch n sentence whoever kills cops in Rio. Over 150 cops killed just this year…. what a joke! As a Brazilian I can say: Que vergonha!

    • Kerry Riddle

      Francisca Alencar who the hell are you?

  6. avatar
    Douglas Klein

    This is a strategic ploy to extract money out of our genuine hero. What is the legal basis for what is essentially a reconsideration motion. No new facts, no new evidence and no new law. If they do, what is it and why was it not presented at the first time?

    This is nothing more than a charade and should be fought all the way.

  7. avatar
    Douglas Klein

    Additionally, notwithstanding the complete lack of diligence on the part of the Brazilian authorities, their actions merely serve to bolster the credibility of Ryan’s comments that the Brazilian justice and political system is corrupt and rotten to the core! In fact, his statements at the press conference were too kind!

  8. John Mulsoff

    Who wound want to go back to Rio?

    • avatar
      Douglas Klein

      better yet, who would even WANT to go to Rio in the first place?!

    • avatar

      No . Try to study . If you had done it would known the right answer

      • avatar
        Douglas Klein

        The guy reference a 3rd world country is tongue and cheek humor. He is stating that Brazil’s actions prove time and again why Brazil is really a third world country!

  9. Timothy Hull

    Give it a rest already, will yuh!?

  10. Wyatt Fate

    I hope they lock his spoiled ass up

    • avatar
      Douglas Klein

      For what?! Can’t you accept the fact that he is a real role model and idol? Deal with it!

  11. avatar

    Pesos ?? Poor culture

  12. Jonna Waller

    I guess the first round of extortion on our swimmers wasn’t enough. Leave the man alone. He’s already paid his dues. You suck, Brazil.

    • avatar
      Douglas Klein

      Are you just finding this out now? Brazil has always been and is even more so now a corrupt country rotten to the core.

  13. Li Da

    Ridiculous, third world, corrupt country trying to extort a famous American, Brazil very pathetic…

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