Ryan Lochte Returns to Funny Or Die to Introduce New Fragrance

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 25. RYAN Lochte's week of raising “swimming awareness” outside the pool continued today with the release of his new video on the comedy website Funny or Die.

On “LochTV,” the Olympian introduced his new frangrance, called “Pool Water,” which consists of the water from the pool Lochte swims in “allowing anyone to smell the chlorinated way I smell.”

Backed by a sultry sax, Lochte gives us a couple of new catchphrases for the new scent, including “Dab a dab on the wrist, ladies can't resist” and “Triple over your head, that's what I said.”

To top it off, Lochte hints at the special ingredient in the fragrance, which viewers of his last venture with Funny or Die will know very well.

He's also joined in the video by actress Hana Mae Lee from the film “Pitch Perfect.”