Relive May 4 Live Edition of The Morning Swim Show: Washington Swim Teams Cut; Auburn Sprinters Take on the World; Underwater Kicking from Founding to Today

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 4. TODAY'S live edition of The Morning Swim Show featured interviews with two top college coaches and an innovator in underwater dolphin kicking.

In case you missed our live show (airing each weekday at 10:30 a.m. MST), you can watch the video below and see host Peter Busch's interview with University of Washington head coach Whitney Hite, who talks about the effects of having the men's and women's swimming and diving teams cut and if anything can be done to keep the teams alive. (Watch only Whitney Hite's interview here.)

Auburn men's swimming co-head coach Brett Hawke joined the show to talk about watching Fred Bousquet break the world record in the 50 free about a week ago, and what he did as a coach to prepare his swimmers for breaking through seemingly impossible barriers. He also discussed some of the ingredients that helped the men's team win the NCAA championship team title. (Watch only Brett Hawke's interview here.)

Finally, David Berkoff, the first man under 55 seconds in the 100 back, talks about creating the "Berkoff Blastoff" and how his innovation of kicking underwater helped revolutionize the sport. He also talked about coaching age-group swimmers in Montana and what he thinks of the movie "A River Runs Through It." (Watch only David Berkoff's interview here.)

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