Relay Day At Masters World Championships Produces Three World Records

Photo courtesy FINA

MONTREAL, Canada, August 8. THE fourth day of swimming competition at the FINA Masters World Championships featured only 200-meter relays, and three world records were rewritten during the day’s action. Just for clarification, age groups for relays are determined by adding the ages for the four swimmers. The youngest relay age group is 100-119, while an age group of 360-399 is also available.

SP Masters from Brazil just barely broke the world mark in the men’s 200 free relay for the 120-159 age group with a 1:34.15. Francisco Menez, Thiago Rezzo, Rodrigo Trivino and Rene Leite beat the 1:34.39 posted by Russia’s Tsunami team in 2013.

New England Masters’ foursome of Karen Mareb, Diann Uustal, Tracy Grilli and Jacki Hirsty combined to put up a 2:06.42 to win the women’s 200 free relay in the 240-279 age group and take down Pacific Northwest Aquatics’ 2:09.56.

Uustal and Hirsty were back for the women’s 200 medley relay representing New England Masters, and set a second world record with a 2:24.95. Beth Estel and Laura Delorey joined Uustal and Hirsty on the medley relay record-setting team.