Poll of the Week: Olympic Finals Start Times – Video


PHOENIX – This is the Poll of the week for Wednesday February 04, 2015 sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. Last week, we wanted to ask our viewers when they feel the swimming community should be notified if an athlete tests positive on a drug test.

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Sun Yang’s recent suspension raised a lot of eye brows when the community was not notified about the positive drug test till after his punishment was served. In regards to this question, the audience weighed in and 61% of the voters said FINA should inform the public as soon as the results are known. 32% said the information should remain private until the punishment is established. And only 7% said the results should remain unknown until the ban is served – similar to the case of Sun Yang. This week we created a poll question around the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio De Janiero. The swimming finals sessions are set to begin at 10 PM in Rio. Now this is a much later start time than normal without even factoring in time changes for athlete’s around the world. Our question to you is: Do you think the Olympic finals start times of 10PM in Rio will affect athlete performances? Yes or No.

Please weigh in and vote at SwimmingWorld.com. This time next week we will bring you the results.

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