Poll of the Week: NCAA Men’s Swimming Championships – Video


PHOENIX – This is the Poll of the week for Wednesday February 25, 2015 sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. There has been quite the buzz around the future of college swimming. Programs continue to be in jeopardy but there are conversations that the NCAA will eliminate swimming as a college sport all together.

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So we wanted to know how you would feel if you were or currently are a high school swimmer. We polled our audience: what would be your first thought if colleges dropped swimming as a sport. The results were overwhelming with 72% of the votes choosing to continue training with their club team. 12% of the votes feel they would stop swimming, 7% would change sports and 7% would consider not attending college. Pretty scary to think about but these results tell me we have dedicated athletes who have larger goals beyond college. Let us know what you think on SwimmingWorld.com. This week, we are going to continue the focus on the NCAAs at the championship meet is right around the corner. Every year Swimming World Magazine shares our predictions for the top 10 men and women of Division 1. So based on our top 5, we want to know this week, what team do you think will win the NCAA Men’s Swimming Championships? Your options are: Cal Bears, Texas Longhorns, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Michigan Wolverines or another team. Please weigh in and vote on SwimmingWorld.com. This time next week we will deliver the results. Thanks for watching the Poll of the Week.