Poll of the Week: What You Like About SW Event Coverage – Video


PHOENIX – This is the Poll of the week for Wednesday February 11, 2015 sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products.

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There has been some controversy over the anticipated start time of the finals sessions in Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. As of now, the athletes will kick off their evening sessions at 10 PM in Rio. Last week, we polled our audience: Do you think starting finals at 10PM in Rio for the Olympic Games will affect athlete performances? Voters weighed in and the feelings are apparent. 75% of the voters said yes, this will affect the athlete’s performance. Only a ¼ of the votes said no. Go to SwimmingWorld.com, Facebook or Twitter and let us know how you feel. This week, we want to address Swimming World’s coverage of upper level swim meets. We want to know, what do you enjoy the most about Swimming World’s event coverage? Your options are: live meet results, commentaries and meet analysis, interviews with athletes and coaches or social media updates. Please weigh in and vote on SwimmingWorld.com. This time next week we will deliver the results.