Poll of The Week: What You Like Best About Swimming World – Video


PHOENIX – This is the Poll of the week for Wednesday January 7, 2015 sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products.

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There are a lot of meets to look forward to in 2015 as we get the new year kicked off. Last week we wanted to know what meet you are looking forward to the most between these 3 options: Women’s Division 1 NCAAs, Men’s Division 1 NCAA’s or the FINA World Championships this summer in Russia. Results are in: The FINA World Champs take the win with over half the votes, 53%. Women’s and Men’s NCAA were almost split but men came in second with 26% and women 21% of the votes. The women will be competing in North Carolina and the men in Iowa this year. These are only a few of the elite meets in 2015. Make sure to follow SwimmingWorld.com for all meet results including the Arena Grand Prix Series, Junior National level meets and more.

This week we want to know what you enjoy the most about Swimming World. We offer a wide variety of content in our magazine and on our website but your options are: Q & A’s, articles that feature lists, results or featured stories? Please weigh in and vote at SwimmingWorld.com. This time next week we will bring you the results.