Poll of The Week: FINA and Doping Results – Video


PHOENIX – This is the Poll of the week for Wednesday January 28, 2015 sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. Lately we have been asking our audience some poll specific questions about Swimming World or swimming news.

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Last week, we wanted to know: How do you follow most of your swimming news? Over 50 percent of Swimming World users find news on their computer with 55%. 21% use their iphone, 11% use Android, 12% use an iPad and the remaining 2% if voters are using some difference device. Thank you for sharing that insight with us. But let’s get back to some swimming specific poll questions about what’s going on in the news. This week we want to know, When should FINA inform the public about an athlete’s positive drug test / doping and ban?

1) The information should be made public as soon as the results are know

2) The information should remain private until the ban has been served

3) The information should remain private until the punishment has been established

Please weigh in and vote at SwimmingWorld.com. This time next week we will bring you the results.