Did You Know?

Top players in the Italian Pro Water Polo League routinely make $300,000+ a year.

Chinese (including the men) Dominate at World Cup II

The Chinese women struck gold in eight of the nine events. Surprisingly, the Chinese men also swam extremely well. Granted, the competition took place in Beijing, China, but their performances

Mazuolis Retires!

1994 World Championship bronze medalist in the 50m freestyle, Raimundas Mazuolis of Lithuania has quit swimming due to medical reasons. Mazuolis underwent foot surgery for bone excrescence last fall. The

Swimming on TV

The 2000 NCAA Women's Swimming and Diving Championships will be televised Friday, March 24 on ESPN at 2pm EST. Please check your local listings.

Australian Men Also Dominate at World Cup I

The young Australian men’s team also dominated the opening leg of the World Cup Series in Hong Kong. The Australians finished the two-day meet with nine gold medals while the

Chinese Women Dominate at World Cup I

China’s next generation of women swimmers made their mark in the opening leg of the World Cup Series in Hong Kong. The Chinese women destroyed the competition. Only 1996 Olympic

Van Dyken Voted AP Female Athlete of the Year

The Associated Press named Amy Van Dyken the AP Female Athlete of the Year. Her four gold medals won at the 1996 Olympic Games cinched the award. Van Dyken garnered

Congrats Skip!

Legendary Coach Skip Byrd won the 1996 Teacher of the Year Award from the the Indiana Department of the American Legion.

Did You Know?

Dawn Fraser and Kristina Egerszegi have accomplished a feat that no woman has ever equaled. They are the only 2 women that have won Olympic gold medals in the same