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Handicapping Golden Goggle Awards: Who Will Win?

Commentary by Jeff Commings TUCSON, Arizona, November 18. TOMORROW evening on the island of Manhattan, more than 50 of the best swimmers in the United States will converge on the

USA Swimming Announces 2011 Duel in the Pool Roster

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, November 3. THIRTY-six top U.S. swimmers, including 21 Olympians, will battle against a squad of European swimmers at the 2011 Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Excerpt by Chris DeSantis, originally published on SwimmingWorld.TV ATLANTA, Georgia, October 27. IN my personal pantheon of coaching heroes, Doc Counsilman stands alone. I first knew of him only incidentally

USA Swimming Names 2007-08 National Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, September 28. RECENTLY, USA Swimming named the 2007-08 National Team. The National Team is composed of athletes who post the top six times in Olympic events swum